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Welcome to BI Norwegian Business School

Orientation and Welcome programmes

One of the things I tell my students is that the future of business is international and it's done in English.

Here at BI, when we welcome international students, we start with an orientation day for international students.

Of course, we have a Welcome Week every Autumn Semester and every January Semester.

All students are assigned a sponsor, and then we organise a social programme for them to get to know BI, the student associations, Oslo, and all the activities they can do in their free time while they are here in Oslo.

Institutional Excellence

BI Norwegian Business School is 80 years old. We are now, for example, a Triple Crown Business School, of which we are very proud. Our record of scientific publications is also very strong.

Value of International Exchange Students

The international exchange students who come to our classrooms are an incredibly valuable resource for our Norwegian students.

It is very important to me that as many international students from different cultures as possible come to Oslo Business School classrooms.

Expatriate at BI Norwegian Business School: Romane's experience

Romane chose to move to Oslo for the quality of life and the reputation of the BI Norwegian Business School. She highly recommends the shared accommodation and appreciates the integration made easier by Bud's Week as well as the interactive teaching techniques.