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Constance Caruel
Constance Caruel

Planning Manager at Kromatix

What does your job at Kromatix involve?

I'm currently working for Kromatix, a company that manufactures coloured solar panels for building facades without paint or pigments.

I'm in charge of planning, i.e. managing sales and production.

I also manage everything to do with meetings with the big customers who are part of our future projects.

What has been your career path since you left the School?

After graduating from EM Normandie, I continued my apprenticeship at ECAM in Lyon. It's an engineering school where I studied lean manufacturing.

I also did my work-study placement at Renault Trucks, where I was in charge of everything to do with lean and process improvement.

I then spent 2 years on a VIE placement in the United States, where I worked for Daher in the aerospace sector. I was logistics project manager for the A220.

I put in place actions linked to the delivery of parts for aircraft.

Finally, I worked for Nespresso as a production line manager in Switzerland. I moved to Kromatix at the beginning of January.

What contribution has the School made to your career?

EM Normandie gave me a very early insight into the world of work. During my studies, I was able to combine work and studies. That really made me want to work and discover different branches of the profession.

It's great to be able to explore different professions during your studies. It's been a real asset for me.

Do you have any advice for students at the school?

Do an apprenticeship to get your first taste of the world of work, while remaining in a somewhat protected environment.

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