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astinee jacolin
Astinée Jacolin

Events Manager, Scouts et Guides de France

What are your tasks?

As an events manager, my job is to host large events at Scouts and Guides, whether they are organised internally or by clients. For example, we welcome associations, social economy companies or any other organisations that want to come to us. 

Covid slowed down our activity last year but we managed to keep our general assembly. A total of 1,000 participants gathered over two days, with the particularity this year of having an outdoor event with a stage. It was also an opportunity to get closer to nature by holding it in the village of Jambville.

As a large-scale event, there is also the FRAT, a Catholic gathering of 12,000 young people where they sing for several days. It is quite impressive to see so many young people gathering in Jambville. 

I'm in charge of the logistics. I make sure that all their events run smoothly from a logistical point of view: accommodation, catering, setting up the equipment, lighting, sound system, etc.

What skills are required for this job?

You need a lot of skills to work in the events industry. First of all, you have to be organised to make sure you have everything in mind for the day. You have to prepare a precise back-planning so that you don't forget anything. 

In addition, you need to have good interpersonal skills because you are in contact with service providers, clients, colleagues and volunteers who work on the events.

You also need to be able to work hard and not count the hours, as this is a demanding job that requires time and commitment. Whatever happens, everything has to be ready for D-day.

You have to be able to manage your stress and stay motivated in all circumstances.

What were the highlights of the job?

I really enjoy the moment when the event starts because we have worked for months to get this result. It's a satisfaction to see the participants arrive!

When the plenary starts, you hear the jingle of the launch. I am very excited!

When an event starts, I feel the same sense of achievement every time, which is quite pleasant.

What do you remember from your studies?

Strangely enough, what I remember most was my final thesis. This work was very useful to me because it gave me the opportunity to meet many people involved in the event industry.

My dissertation topic concerned the issue of eco-responsible events. In this context, I met many people who took the time to answer my questions and with whom I am still in contact today.

These meetings were a first step in the world of events. They also allowed me to understand it better and to know what kind of events I wanted to work on.

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