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17 October 2023

International rankings: EM Normandie places 4 programmes among Eduniversal’s 2019 ranking for best French MScs


<p>Four programmes have been divided into 76 thematic rankings and two MSc are in the Top 5:</p>

<p><br />
•&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<a href="https://em-normandie.com/en/msc-cross-cultural-marketing-and-negotiation">MSc Cross-Cultural Marketing and Negotiation</a>: best Master in the Cross-cultural Management specialisation,</p>

<p>•&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<a href="https://em-normandie.com/en/msc-international-events-management">MSc International Events Management</a>: 5th best Master in the Events Communication specialisation,</p>

<p>•&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<a href="https://em-normandie.com/en/msc-supply-chain-management">MSc Supply Chain Management</a> and <a href="https://em-normandie.com/en/msc-international-logistics-and-port-management">MSc International Logistics &amp; Port Management</a>: 16th and 18th best in the Logistics specialisation.</p>

<p>These rankings are drawn up on the basis of three main criteria: reputation, post-graduation salary and student feedback.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>

<p>View the complete <a href="https://www.meilleurs-masters.com/classement.html">2019 Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking</a>.</p>



Press Rankings Executive