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26 March 2024

Figaro Etudiant 2024 ranking of business schools: EM Normandie Business School in the top 3 5-year post-bac schools


EM Normandie Business School is ranked 3rd in the 2024 edition of Figaro Etudiant's ranking of post-baccalaureate business schools, published on 4 December 2023, which this year lists 14 establishments.

EM Normandie Business School performs well in the Figaro Etudiant's 2024 ranking of business schools, confirming its place in the top 3 of the best 5-year post-French high school degrees awarding a Master's degree. This position is justified by the 'triple crown' held only by the 3 schools at the top of the podium, with their EQUIS, ACCSB and AMBA-MBM accreditations, but also by the award of the Master's degree for the maximum duration (5 years) held by only 4 of the 14 schools ranked.

This ranking assesses the schools according to their academic level (duration of the Master's degree, accreditations, quality of research, average baccalaureate score of Sésame candidates, etc.), their international outlook (proportion of foreign students, proportion of young graduates studying abroad, presence in international rankings, number of accredited university partners, etc.) and the quality of graduate integration (salaries on graduation, rate of permanent contracts, size of graduate network, etc.).

A magical campuses in Oxford

The dossier devotes an article to EM Normandie Business School's Oxford campuses, where "students experience life in a Harry Potter way". Here, students can join the campuses in their 1st year directly after the baccalauréat via the ADMISSIONS TEST and stay for one or more years, taking the same courses as in France, "but in English". They can also "access all the buildings of Oxford University, one of the most prestigious in the world, in just a few minutes". Miriam Schmidkonz, Campus Director, points out that "they have the same access to lectures by leading researchers as local students". As far as tuition fees are concerned, "students benefit from a British student experience without having to pay £20,000 (tuition is €12,500 at EM Normandie Business School, editor's note)".

The end of trips to the ends of the earth?

Are internships and stays abroad still compatible with ecological awareness and reducing students' carbon footprint? In our article on the subject, the editorial team interviewed Elian Pilvin, Managing Director of EM Normandie Business School, who said: "Freedom remains essential: students must be able to choose a destination that matches their ecological conscience", as the school has chosen not to apply any constraints in this area.

Figaro Etudiant 2024 ranking of business schools



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