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26 March 2024

The EM Normandie Alumni Association produces its magazine using Artificial Intelligence

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The EM Normandie Business School Alumni Association is innovating for the latest issue of its bi-annual magazine with images generated by artificial intelligence.

In fact, 90% of the magazine's visuals have been designed and created by the EM Normandie Business School communications department, using Midjourney software, which makes it more artistic and aesthetically pleasing.

A brand new magazine, in tune with the times

Founded in 1875, the EM Normandie Alumni Association is the second oldest network in France, bringing together nearly 23,000 EM Normandie students and graduates in over 100 countries. Its aim is to maintain links and the 'Alumni reflex' by bringing together its community through events, meetings and communication tools such as its magazine. Published twice a year, the magazine highlights the school's development, the career paths and creativity of its graduates, and student initiatives, while giving the floor to personalities and experts on a central theme.

This new issue, which includes an interview with tennis champion Justine Henin on the theme of surpassing oneself, has been enhanced by unique illustrations, tailor-made by the EM Normandie Business School communications department. The department chose to use Midjourney software, an image generator based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which produces artistic images from a descriptive text entered on the dedicated Discord server. The magazine's content has also been completely overhauled, with new sections and testimonials breathing new life into its editorial line.

This redesign is part of our drive to make the magazine more attractive and to ensure that it is read by as many members of the community as possible. To achieve this, we felt we needed to give it a more 'arty' and less 'traditional' feel. Thanks to Midjourney, we've been able to obtain illustrations that are more in line with our vision and the themes we cover, without having to resort to image banks. What's more, this perfectly meets another objective, which is to keep up with the trends known and practised by our members and to show that the Association is in tune with the times.
explains Domitille Mesnard, General Delegate of the Alumni.

An original and colourful design

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From a graphic point of view, the communications team was inspired by the low poly effect, a style of design art that is very popular today, but which is in fact a retro style developed in the early days of 3D, particularly for video games in the 90s. It's a geometric mesh made up of polygons, giving a relief effect. The result is an original, modern and colourful magazine.

Midjourney encourages stylistic experimentation and reinforces the process of artistic reflection. It takes time, because the ambition is tenfold and the possibilities almost infinite. And everyone can get involved and participate, even those who are not designers.
comments Tanguy Trubert, Head of Brand and Creation at EM Normandie Business School.

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domitille mesnard

Domitille MESNARD

General Delegate of the Alumni

Overcoming your own certainties

by tennis player Justine Hénin.