Année académique 2023

26 March 2024

2023 academic year: EM Normandie commits to a sustainable world

School's life

At the start of the 2023 academic year, EM Normandie welcomes 6,500 students, including more than 2,000 newcomers. The new school year is once again under the banner of 'School for Good', with three major new features: a dedicated Business Game, a special back-to-school website and, last but not least, an integration weekend (WEI) to round off this incredible integration period and make it unforgettable!

From Business School to School for Good

EM Normandie is committed to transforming its business model, in line with its School for Good philosophy, to have a positive societal and environmental impact by 2030 and to involve students, graduates, staff and partners in this change. To achieve this, the school has decided to make social and environmental issues an integral part of students' training right from the start. For example, the Sustainability course plunges them into the heart of these CSR issues, highlighting the solutions that the future employees and entrepreneurs of tomorrow will need to bring to their organisations. By the end of their course, each student will have acquired the following skills: "Understanding the ethical and SD issues facing society. Understand the complexity of sustainability and conduct their activities in an efficient and responsible manner, taking action for sustainability.

says Elian Pilvin, Managing Director of EM Normandie.

From Thursday 31 August to Saturday 2 September, post-baccalaureate students from the Grande Ecole Programme, the Bachelor in International Management and the BBA, who are new to the three national campuses (Caen, Le Havre and Paris), will be working in teams on a Business Game with 4 CSR themes: Long-distance mobility, Daily mobility, Consumption/Fast fashion and Food.

Année académique 2023

Supported by 75 volunteer EM Normandie graduates and 50 guest speakers, the groups of around 15 students will build their project and present it in the form of a pitch to a panel of professionals. The aim is to introduce students to the challenges of sustainable development, get them to think about practical issues related to their daily lives and/or their local area, and familiarise them with the principles of setting up projects, particularly associations. The 3-day event will end with prize-giving evenings on each campus.

For all other students (PGE, BBA, Bachelor of International Management, MS or MSc or international students), the start of the new academic year will be spread over the following weeks in seminar mode, with themed workshops on commitment, interculturality, getting to grips with tools and finding internships.

A major first: in September 2023, EM Normandie will welcome the 1st cohort of Vietnamese students to its Le Havre campus as part of its partnership with UTC Hanoi and Hochiminh University of Banking. These 14 students will be doing their 3rd year of a Bachelor's degree.

On the international campuses

In Dubai, Dublin and Oxford, students will be welcomed by local teams and quickly immersed in the ecosystem of their expatriate country through workshops to raise awareness of the codes to adopt, team building, immersion in emblematic companies and festive evenings.

A dedicated back-to-school website

Designed for and by students, the back-to-school website is a new place to find all the practical information you need, campus by campus. Online since June and updated in real time, is a real goldmine for young people and their parents looking for information. It includes

  • dates for the start of the academic year
  • how to fill in the registration form
  • back-to-school week
  • finding accommodation
  • financing your course
  • finding work-study placements
  • campus life
  • and much more!

The return of the WEI

After several years without an Integration Weekend, EM Normandie's General Management has decided to relaunch this festive event, at the end of a month of integration, under the guidance of the Students' Federation and the Student Bureaux (BDE) of the French campuses.

From 22 to 24 September, all the new entrants to the 1st year of the various programmes will meet in Brittany for 3 days to help them integrate. The aim is to give them the opportunity to meet new people, forge links more easily and create a sense of cohesion and belonging to the EM Normandie community.

julien soreau


Head of Personal Balance and Inclusion Department