Les métiers du commerce international

International trade professions

The international trade industry is still flourishing, despite a decline during the pandemic period. The career opportunities offered in this sector are varied and can cover functions related to trade, marketing and logistics.

EM Normandie offers a range of specialisations in international business.

Business analyst

Business analysts assess market trends, competition and consumer behaviour to identify new business opportunities.

With a view to international development, they provide information to support their company's strategic decisions.

Working with the sales and marketing teams, they help to adapt the company's products and departments to the local requirements of the target markets.

They may also be required to negotiate with local partners and manage collaboration with international distributors and customers.

Their duties will include:

  • Analysing markets to identify opportunities and risks.
  • Working with internal teams to develop their company internationally.
  • Managing relations with local partners.
  • Monitoring market developments and international regulations.

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Product manager

Product managers are responsible for launching and marketing products on international markets. Working with local sales teams, they adapt products or services to the specific characteristics of the country concerned, while preserving the brand's identity.

Reporting to the Marketing department, they manage the entire life cycle of international products, from market introduction to withdrawal, including any adaptations and improvements. This cross-functional role involves working with production, sales and R&D.

Their duties will be:

  • Conducting market research to identify international opportunities.
  • Developing and implementing product strategies tailored to local markets.
  • Ensuring that products comply with local and international regulations.
  • Training sales teams on product features and benefits.

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International project manager

The International Project Manager is responsible for planning and implementing projects involving multicultural teams and international partners. 

They are responsible for ensuring that projects are successful, on budget and on time. They must manage the resources made available to them, act as a bridge between the stakeholders and resolve any problems that may arise. They also ensure that the project complies with quality standards.

They have a wide range of skills and qualities. They thrive in a multicultural and international environment. As a true leader, you motivate the teams involved in the project.

Their tasks include:

  • Defining the objectives, scope and deliverables of the project in collaboration with the stakeholders.
  • Coordinating the project's activities in the various geographical areas.
  • Managing the international teams and ensure that tasks are completed.
  • Identifying, assessing and managing project risks.

International marketing consultant

International marketing consultants support companies in their international development strategy. They help them to penetrate foreign markets and adapt their marketing strategies to local conditions.

Thess professionals have expertise in positioning products or departments on a global scale. They begin by analysing target markets before developing a marketing and communications plan. 

They work with the sales and marketing teams to ensure that the recommendations are understood and correctly implemented.

Their tasks include:

  • Conducting market research to identify opportunities and challenges in international markets.
  • Developing marketing mix strategies for target markets.
  • Planning and supervising the implementation of promotional campaigns.
  • Analysing market developments and consumer trends.

Export sales manager

Sales Directors define international sales strategies, manage sales teams and develop relationships with international partners. They play a key role in the development of their company on a global scale.

They manage import and export operations, ensuring that products cross borders in compliance with local and international regulations. On the logistics side, they work with carriers and logistics partners.

On the development side, they work closely with the sales, marketing and production teams, as well as with local distributors and partners.

Their tasks are to:

  • Developing and implementing the company's international sales strategy.
  • Manage and develop the international sales teams.
  • Negotiating contracts with distributors, agents and customers.
  • Monitoring sales and making the necessary adjustments to meet targets.

Area manager

Area Managers supervise commercial activities in a specific geographical region. They set objectives, develop strategies and ensure coordination between the various countries in the zone.

This strategic position requires a strong results orientation, as they define the sales targets for their zone. Area Managers must manage both sales operations and teams. They must take account of the cultural, economic and regulatory differences between the various markets.

They must manage the resources at their disposal effectively, supervise budgets and analyse sales performance.

Their main tasks are:

  • Developing and implementing sales strategies in line with the company's objectives.
  • Managing the sales and marketing teams in their area.
  • Managing relations with key customers, partners and distributors.
  • Ensuring that sales operations comply with local regulations and company policies.

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