Bachelor International Management - 3rd year admission

After a 2-year Degree


Join the Bachelor International Management in the 3rd year and train for positions with a pronounced international dimension. Imagine the study path that suits you best: campuses, expatriations, options...

The Bachelor International Management is a programme designed to train operational managers capable of working in an international context.

3-year diploma
Le Havre
English French
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Programme highlights

    1. Benefit from a flexible course: choose your campuses and expatriations, and also an option in the 3rd year.
    2. Enjoy an ever more immersive, interactive, gamified and personalised learning experience.
    3. Develop your international mindset: 70+ partner universities, 1,000+ international students, up to 3 years of study in France and up to 2 years at a partner university, 100% English language courses and double-degrees possible.
    4. Test your knowledge in the real world of business: assignments, challenges, business game, up to 6 months of internships, 1 year of work-study... (under certain conditions) and create your own company with the EM Normandie Incubator.
    5. Get involved in community life with 100+ Associative and Community Projects.
    6. Title registered with the RNCP level 6 registered under the code RNCP36813.


    In Le Havre

    SAS Seminar

    A period of integration and refresher training in management is planned at the beginning of the year for students entering the programme.

    • Writing Workshop
    • Excel
    • Academic Integrity
    • Legal Culture
    • Documentary Resources
    • Professional Socialisation
    • Integration

    Semester 1

    • International Business Law
    • International Press Review
    • International Marketing
    • Maritime Law
    • Management of International Teams
    • Excel
    • Purchase
    • French Written Test
    • Career Path
    • English
    • Foreign Language 2

    Semester 2

    • Business Ethics
    • Financial Analysis
    • Business Plan
    • Business Game
    • International Trade
    • Maritime Transport
    • Multi-modal Transport
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Data Analysis
    • Logistics 4.0
    • Academic Integrity
    • English
    • Foreign Language 2
    • In-company Challenge
    • Thesis


    3-to-5 months in France or abroad (compulsory)

  • Evaluation criteria for the course

    All components of the student's education are evaluated: academic learnings, internships, missions, challenges, dissertations, study stays in partner universities. For academic learnings, continuous assessment generally accounts for 40% and the final exam accounts for the remaining 60%. Evaluations may also take the form of case studies, role-playing, group work, etc. Professionalisation (work-study, internships, missions, challenges) and, where appropriate, the corresponding report, will be evaluated jointly by the teaching team and the company.


    Admission requirements

    The programme is open to students, who hold a non-French degree obtained after at least three years of higher education outside France (Licence degree, Bachelor’s degree, Benke...). The age limit is set at 25 years old.

    Apply to this programme

    User's guide for application form

    Admission Procedure

    1. Selection based on examination of the application file: seriousness of the application, quality of the academic and/or professional profile.
    2. Remote interview with an academic advisor: to find out more about the applicant, his/her plans and objectives. The admission decision (admitted, refused) is made a few days after the interview.
    3. Admitted candidates receive a formal e-mail inviting them to pay a deposit (deductible from tuition fees), which enables them to reserve their place on the programme and triggers a final letter of acceptance.


    Supporting documents required for the application:

    • your CV,
    • your most recent diploma,
    • your transcripts from previous years and your certificate of enrolment for the current year,
    • your covering letter,
    • a copy of your ID (front and back) or passport,

    In addition to the EM Normandie application form, international candidates must approach their local Campus France office to facilitate the process of obtaining their visa. Once the down payment has been received, the School will help International students with their visa procedures and search for accommodation.

    Additional information for funded applicants

    Funded applicants are asked to gather the necessary information as soon as possible so that the administrative documents can be drawn up in good time.

  • Well-being and Inclusion

    Inclusion of students with disabilities

    For several years now, EM Normandie has been committed to the inclusion of students with disabilities and has been striving to make it as easy as possible for them to learn, to continue their studies, to live socially within the school and to find employment. Specific training for its teachers and support services, school facilities, digital accessibility, etc. EM Normandie promotes values of equal opportunities and respect for differences, through the sharing of an inclusive culture and the continuous development of its practices. Are you disabled or have a chronic disabling illness? We can provide you with comprehensive support, whether it be in the context of your classes/exams, your search for internships, work-study programmes or jobs, or even in preparing for your expatriation.

Career opportunities

    The Bachelor's degree is a short and professional course, well adapted to the needs of companies, guaranteeing rapid integration into working life or further study towards a Master's degree.

    The EM Normandie Master in Management:

    • Spend more than 2 years abroad
    • Follow your course 100% in English, on our campuses
    • Obtain a double degree in a partner university, in France or abroad
    • Spend 2 years on a work-study contract (under specific conditions)

    Choose from more than 40 possibilities of tailor-made courses: specialisations, double degrees, work-study, optional year, etc.

    Find out more about the Master in Management

    The EM Normandie Two-year MSc Track:

    Master the challenges of globalisation, digital transformation and sustainable development and provide effective support to organisations on these issues.  

    • Follow your course 100% in English, on our campuses.
    • In the 1st year, consolidate and refine your management knowledge.
    • In the 2nd year, access the MSc® programme in the specialisation of your choice.

    Find out more about the Two-year MSc Track

    Professional integration survey 2023

  • Insertion rate

    • 94%

      net employment rate

    • 96%

      of graduates in employment found a job within 3 months

    • 100%

      of graduates in employment found a job within 3 months

    • 65%

      of graduates in employment found a job before graduation
      +4 points

    • 50%

      is involved in international activities

    • 76%

      are satisfied with their 1st job

    • 90%

      are satisfied with the training received at EM Normandie

  • Company sizes

    • 18%

      Large companies
      > 5,000 employees

    • 27%

      Mid-cap companies
      250 to 5,000 employees

    • 33%

      Small and medium sized companies
      10 à 249 employees

    • 22%

      < 10 employees

  • Positions held

    • 27%
      Trade, Business Development
    • 16%
      Audit, Consulting
    • 13%
      Logistics, Supply Chain, Purchasing
    • 11%
      Marketing, Communication
    • 11%
      General Management
    • 7%
      Finance, Management, Accounting
    • 7%
      Information systems
    • 4%
      Human Resources
    • 4%
      Other positions
  • Graduates in further studies

    • 82%
      are purchasing further studies
    • 71%
      Joined the EM Normandie Master in Management
    • 93%
      are in work-study programme
  • Types of further studies

    • MIM
    • MS ou MSc
    • University master

Tuition fees and funding

    Application fees for 2024-2025

    For non-French diploma holders: €50

    Tuition Fees for 2024-2025

    • BMI Year 3: €9,000

    Compulsory Contribution: CVEC (Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus): €100 to be paid on the CVEC platform. Learn more

    Membership fee for EM Normandie Alumni Association (not mandatory): €575 . This membership fee gives you access to all services and a life membership.

  • Fundings

    Various options are offered to students to fund their studies:

  • International payment methods

    We are a partner of the Flywire platform

    This online tool facilitates the procedures of international students by offering the following services:

    • Online tracking of transfers
    • Payment in the national currency, which reduces costs
    • Choice of many payment methods
    Rhea Shivan

    Rhea SHIVAN

    Admission officer

    India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

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