Grimm NOH

Grimm NOH


Professor in Strategy


Grimm Noh is a professor of strategy who joined EM Normandie in 2023. She holds a PhD in Business Administration from Yonsei University, obtained in 2017, with a specific major area of management. Her thesis analyzed the diversification decisions made by firms belonging to Korean business groups, with a particular emphasis on the dynamics between these firms and other affiliated companies within the same groups. Her research primarily focuses on firms from emerging markets and their innovation, diversification, and internationalization strategies. Her publications cover various theoretical concepts related to these research areas, including organizational learning, institutional theory, and network theory. 

Professional experience

Since 2023 : professor in strategy, EM Normandie 
2020-2022 : assistant professor in strategy, Woosong University (Corée) 


Strategy & entrepreneurship
Matières enseignées
Organisations in emerging countries Innovation strategies Internationalisation strategies Strategies of business groups
2010 : PhD in Business Administration, Yonsei University


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