EM Normandie devient membre du CABS

26 March 2024

EM Normandie UK becomes a full member of CABS

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Chartered Associations of Business Schools

EM Normandie UK joins the elite of UK-based business schools as a full member of the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS), a prestigious UK based membership body that exclusively admit top business schools as their members.

EM Normandie UK Limited created in 2014 is the Oxford subsidiary of EM Normandie. As the chartered body that champions academic excellence, research and lobbying on behalf of business schools in the UK, the association’s membership is viewed as a testament to high quality teaching, industry focussed research and a platform to share sector-focussed information. There are only 120 prestigious business schools / universities that has qualified as full members of CABS UK.

After careful scrutinization of EM Normandie UK’s high quality academic practices, contents, staff profiles and our existing accreditations, the Executive Council of the Chartered ABS has approved EM Normandie Business School UK’s application to become a full member of this prestigious consortium of business schools.

CABS routinely conducts highly impactful conferences, seminars, Certified Management and Business Educator qualifications and awards fellowships to senior educators based on peer nominations. In addition, they conduct development programmes for directors and executive education programmes. Every year, the CABS has its annual conference that serves as a platform for discussion for the deans and directors of the top business schools and universities in the UK.

Dr Miriam Schmidkonz, Campus Director/Principal of EM Normandie UK said
Having this membership will enable our academic staff to enhance their presence in terms of publishing in journals and other high quality publications that are associated with CABS, and they actively encourage members to directly contribute to their web based blogs and articles. Our staff will be able to nominate colleagues for various awards and recognitions from CABS in the months and years to come. I am delighted and proud of the fact that our academic team’s high quality work is recognised yet again by a UK based Chartered body.



Director of the Oxford campus