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02 February 2024

EM Normandie Business School's Bachelor International Management in the top 10 of Figaro Etudiant's 2024 list of the best Bachelor's programmes


On 22 January 2024, Le Figaro Etudiant published its ranking of Bachelors in Management. EM Normandie Business School's Bachelor International Management is in the top 10 of 3-year Bachelors.

EM Normandie Business School's Bachelor International Management confirms its position in the top 10 of the best French Bachelors. To compile this list of 43 state-approved 3-year Bachelors programmes, Le Figaro Etudiant used certified data from the CEFDG and Parcoursup, taking into account the academic excellence of the programmes (selectivity, fill rate, international accreditations), their international outlook, the proportion of work-study tracks and the integration of graduates into the job market.

le BMI dans le top 10 du classement du Figaro Etudiant

The Bachelor International Management at EM Normandie Business School is open to all baccalaureate holders who are admitted via the Parcoursup platform. It is taught on the Le Havre campuses. In 3rd year, students opting for the Work-study track can choose the Le Havre, Caen or Paris campuses.

How do business schools recruit their Bachelor students?

Le Figaro Etudiant takes a look at the recruitment methods used by business schools, which have changed over the last few years, moving away from written exams to a portfolio-based selection process. Several schools, such as EM Normandie Business School, have opted for this method: "We recruit our students by analysing their applications, holding an oral test in English and a motivational interview", explains Carine GUIBBANI, Director of Admission at EM Normandie Business School.

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