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15 March 2024

EM Normandie Business School's Bachelor International Management is ranked 8th in the 2024 list of the best Bachelors by Le Parisien Etudiant


EM Normandie Business School came 8th in the Parisien Etudiant's 2024 ranking of 3-year Bachelors, confirming its position as one of the top 10 French Bachelors.

This year's list of 46 3-year programmes is based on 11 criteria: Certification labels, development, attractiveness, selectivity, teaching methods, international outlook, corporate relations, further studies, company placement rates, entrepreneurship and teaching projects. According to Le Parisien Etudiant, EM Normandie Business School is one of the institutions ranked "between 2nd and 15th place, doing an excellent job and benefiting from the highest recognition, as well as high-level supervision".

Palmarès des Bachelors 2024 du Parisien Etudiant

The admissions season is fast approaching

As the deadline for applying to Parcoursup approaches, Le Parisien Etudiant is devoting an article to this decisive phase for high school students. Carine Guibbani, Director of Admissions and Competitive Examinations at EM Normandie Business School, talks about the admissions process for the Bachelor International Management programme, pointing out that applicants' applications are examined "with particular attention paid to teachers' assessments and progress. This aspect is invaluable because it gives an indication of a student's level of seriousness and tenacity". As for the interview procedure, Carine Guibbani reassures applicants: "We want to know who you are and whether you will feel comfortable with us".

International: an essential expatriation

Like the Masters in Management, most 3-year Bachelors include periods of academic and/or professional expatriation in their curricula, essential experience(s) for students' employability. At EM Normandie Business School, students benefit from the same expatriation opportunities as their fellow students in the 5-year PGE programme on campuses in Oxford in the UK, Dublin in Ireland and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Elian Pilvin, Managing Director of EM Normandie Business School, points out that these international campuses enable the school to "secure exchanges in a sometimes complicated geopolitical context and provide experience in countries that are attractive to our candidates".

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