La Fondation EM Normandie apporte son soutien financier à 214 étudiants de l’école

26 March 2024

The EM Normandie Business School Foundation provides financial support for 214 of the School's students

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Since 2016, the EM Normandie Business School Foundation has been supporting equal opportunities and social diversity. Thanks to the generosity of its donors, 214 scholarship recipients have been able to attend the School without financial hindrance. On 17 May, the first scholarship award ceremony on EM Normandie Business School's Paris campuses was an opportunity for the recipients to meet and talk to the sponsors.

Because diversity is one of the founding values of EM Normandie Business School, a wide range of funding facilities are available to students so that they can enjoy their studies with complete peace of mind. Scholarships, apprenticeships, partnerships with companies... are all different ways of enabling each student to build their career and personal project by benefiting from reduced tuition fees.

Sheltered by the Fondation de France, the EM Normandie Foundation was created in December 2016 on the initiative of graduates, with the mission of supporting the school's long-term development and extending its influence, by providing new sources of funding through general interest actions for the benefit of EM Normandie, its teaching and its students. Newly chaired by Philippe-Jean Péron, a graduate of the school, the EM Normandie Business School Foundation organised this ceremony on the Grande Ecole's Paris campuses. 

Since 2017, €200K of all the donations collected have been redistributed in the form of scholarships to help students in their studies at the school. Intended to promote equal opportunities within EM Normandie Business School, in line with its 'SchoolForAll' and 'SchoolForGood' objectives, 3 types of scholarships have been awarded by the sponsors:

Meritorious scholar" scholarships: 117 recipients

The EM Normandie Business School Foundation aims to help the most deserving students with the least financial resources. A scholarship student who obtained an average mark of more than 14/20 in his or her previous academic year at the school may, after examination of his or her situation, receive a scholarship of up to 30% of his or her annual tuition fees. This scholarship may be renewed annually as long as the average mark remains above 14/20.

"Life's hazards" / "emergency solidarity fund" scholarships: 74 recipients

This scholarship is awarded in addition to legal social aid to cover tuition fees for a student who has suffered a life event since enrolling at EM Normandie Business School (death of a parent, divorce, loss of employment, illness, etc.).

"Exceptional" scholarships: 23 recipients

The student life department and the welfare officers who work on campuses are sometimes faced with increasingly serious and sometimes urgent social, psychological and financial problems. As part of this, the Foundation contributes to the school's Emergency Aid Fund, which provides immediate assistance to students in extremely precarious financial situations who would otherwise give up their studies. This aid is initially granted for one month and renewed for as long as it takes the student to find a solution.

I'm delighted to have been one of the recipients of the EM Normandie Business School Foundation's scholarship for excellence. For me, it is the reward for excellent academic work. The scholarship also clearly demonstrates the importance that the school attaches to the human and social aspects of its students' lives. Today, as an apprentice at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, I'm very grateful to the school and the Foundation, which have helped me throughout my trainig programme.

adds Caleb Yvan Tchembou Kamgue (Master in Management class of 2022).

The Foundation's scholarship was very useful because to get into EM Normandie Business School I had to take out a government-backed loan, but the €20,000 ceiling wasn't enough to finance the three years of study. I needed €33,000. The scholarship saved me because I had no other option. I've always had a passion for business, but I'm more interested in communications and marketing. I'd like to go to South Korea this autumn, and the scholarship is a great help in making that project a reality.

concludes Floriane, a Master in Management student on the Paris campuses.

Of the nearly 400 donors, 67% are EM Normandie Business School graduates, demonstrating their strong attachment to the school and its values.

Mina Colonna D'Istria

Mina Colonna D'Istria

EM Normandie Foundation Executive Officer