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26 March 2024

The EM Normandie Business School Bachelor International Management in the top 5 of the Challenges 2024 3-year Bachelors ranking


EM Normandie Business School's Bachelor International Management ranks 4th in Challenges' 2024 ranking of 3-year Bachelors.

The Bachelor International Management is ranked 4th in Challenges' 2024 ranking of 3-year Bachelors courses out of 15 programmes.

This demanding, internationally-focused, work-study track in the 3rd year of the Bachelor's degree programme is designed to give students a highly professional approach, and is taught on the Caen, Le Havre and Paris campuses.

On completion of the programme, young graduates can opt to enter the world of work or, more broadly, to continue their studies at Baccalaureate level (bac+5). This is the choice made by Léa FAUVEL, who graduated from the Bachelor International Management programme in 2021 and the EM Normandie Business School Programme Grande Ecole in 2023. Interviewed in Challenges about her choice of work-study track, she explains that an apprenticeship is "a commitment not to be taken lightly" and that "you have to be ready to give it your all, both academically and professionally". "The company is not just there to pay the tuition fees".

Ranking methodology

The rankings are based on six criteria: accreditation, the attractiveness of the Programme, the proportion of Non-French high school degrees awarded with honours and very honours, the student-teacher ratio, the salaries of recent graduates and the school's budget.

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