Life at EM Normandie

Student services and support

Orientation Programme

At the beginning of each regular semester, an orientation session is organised to help you be familiar with the school offices, labs, and classrooms as well as the study plan for each major.

You will meet with their programme leader to discuss the details of the course of study for each major, the grading system and the academic integrity policy. You will receive at these meeting the Catalog of the school and the student’s handbook in paper copy. You should acknowledge the receipt of the catalog and the handbook electronically as well.

Student services in a business school

Career Development Services

Throughout your studies, you wil benefit from a specific scheme called Parcours Carrière (Career Development) training sessions on job-seeking techniques to facilitate your entry into the labour market.

Career trainings have three main objectives:

  • To help you define and build their professional projects
  • To equip you with the tools required for better integration into the labour market
  • To help you find your first employment and better negotiate your first pay packet

Parcours Carrière | Alumni EM Normandie

An initiation to internship and job placement interviews at year 1
  • Becoming familiar with the “Career trainings” platform and the online tools: JOBTEASER, MYCVFACTORY, ONLINE VIDEO
  • Get to know themself better with a TREE OF LIFE
  • Discovery of the different professions, the different functions, and the different business sectors
  • Interviewing professionals to learn more about professions and develop a network approach with MYJOBGLASSES
  • Writing a CV with MYCVFACTORY and a cover letter
  • Presenting a function or a sector, in subgroups of 4 students
  • Presenting themself effectively
  • Ability to research information to have a clear vision of the job market
  • a Talent Check: an individual interview to assess and validate the students’ confidence level before entering the workplace, the clarity of their professional project, their ability to succeed in recruitment interviews and their ability to enter efficient interpersonal communication.

Accessibility and equal opportunities

With students’ wellbeing at heart, a department is dedicated to equal rights, diversity, and opportunities. The school ensures all students a great experience each step of the way and helps accommodate students with disabilities.


Party to the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE)’s Disability Charter since 2008, and having renewed its commitment in 2019, the School has a comprehensive system in place to promote the inclusion of students with disabilities. It campaigns to facilitate learning, encourage students to continue their studies whilst enjoying an active social life within the School, and enable them to successfully integrate into the business world.

  • Learning adjustments
  • Digital access
  • Special training for teachers and support services

Psychological and social support

Since your personal wellbeing is crucial to your success, EM Normandie offers a comprehensive social service that is free of charge and confidential, to support you during difficult periods throughout your studies. EM Normandie has everything in place to help you deal with life’s uncertainties, including dedicated members of staff, a social worker, a team of psychologists and financial assistance.

Combating sexual and gender-based violence, harassment and discrimination

It is the responsibility of an educational institution to protect its entire community, ensure equality between women and men, and train managers to be responsible for their actions.

In 2020, the Personal Balance and Inclusion department, which has already been very involved for two years in dealing with reports of SGBV, harassment, or discrimination, is acquiring substantial resources and setting up a dedicated system: victims are taken care of and precautionary measures can be taken to protect them.

Tools and resources available to students

EM Normandie’s STOP HARASSMENT platform, available online 24/7, allows students who are victims or witnesses of harassment, discrimination, sexist or sexual violence (sexist insult, sexual assault, rape, etc.) or hazing to report these abuses. EM Normandie undertakes to respond to these reports within 48 working hours.