Port Operations Strategic Planning

7 days

Les formations de l'IPER

This training programme will give you the best possible understanding of the logistics chain in the context of port management.

Le Havre
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Strong points


    • Understand the concept of the Dispositif and become fully aware of the importance of effective planning
    • Understand the importance of integrating port operations into a global logistics chain department, and how to make the chain more secure
    • Understand the keys to the smooth passage of goods through ports
    • How to evaluate a project
    • know how to apply fair port charges
    • be familiar with computerised port management systems 

    Target audience

    • Sector managers
    • Operations managers
    • Planning and management managers of public, consular or private port organisations

    The advantages of IPER

    • 45 years of expérience
    • Quality, service and support
    • Location in the first French container port
    • An international renown
    • Exceptionnal partnership including IMO
    • Catalog and taylor made trainings
    • Good balance between theory and practice
    • Wide network of experts


    • The evolution of port authorities
    • Port economics
    • Measures of port performance
    • The Dispositif
    • Strategic port planning
    • Securing the logistics chain - the ISO 28000 standard
    • Consultation on major infrastructure projects in France
    • The challenges of developing and managing the public port domain
    • Taking environmental aspects into account
    • Project assessment
    • Port pricing
    • Facilitating the passage of goods
    • Feedback from the community meeting system
    • The performance of bulk land transport and flow regulation
    • Presentation of the Harbour Master's Office
    • Planning the port information system and the challenge of controlling information flows
    • Visit to the port of Le Havre

    Teaching approach and documentation provided

    • Professional training programme with concrete examples and exchanges between participants
    • Each lecturer leaves his teaching aids behind and remains in contact with the participants.

    Assessment methods

    Assessment of knowledge acquired: without. On-the-spot evaluation of training programme.
    A round table discussion at the end of the seminar provides an opportunity to discuss areas for improvement and the strengths of the training programme.



    Please consult us - 7 days

    How to register

    Please complete the online registration form.
    If you have any questions about your registration or your stay in Le Havre, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tuition fees and funding

    Tuition fees

    €3,000.00 net of taxes for 7 days

    Our prices include the training programme, teaching materials, lunches and coffee breaks. Additional costs, including accommodation and dinners, are the sole responsibility of the learner.


    Financing solutions are available. Please contact us for more information.


    Claire PLONEIS

    Head of IPER

    Le Havre