What is the CVEC?

The contribution to student and campus life (CVEC)

The Ministry has introduced a compulsory tax applicable to all students and collected by the CROUS. This contribution is intended to encourage the reception and social - health - cultural and sporting support of students. All students* (including apprentices) must pay the CVEC before their administrative registration.

The amount of the CVEC

Its amount is €100 to be paid online here: https://www.messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr/envole/

When you register for the administration you must bring with you the certificate of payment or exemption from the CVEC (which can be downloaded once the tax has been paid).

*NB 1: CROUS scholarship students and exchange students do not pay the tax but must go to the website to obtain a certificate of exemption.
*NB 2: Students on professionalisation contracts and continuing education do not have to pay the CVEC and do not need a certificate of exemption.