What schemes exist to reduce the cost of tuition fees?

Work-linked training to become professional and receive a salary 

By choosing a work-study programme you considerably reduce the overall cost of your training as your tuition fees are fully covered by your employer during this period.

In addition the salary you receive covers your living expenses (accommodation - food - transport - etc.) and even your leisure activities! This means that you will gain financial independence and be able to tackle the question of financing your studies with greater peace of mind.

EM Normandie is a leader in work-study programmes - with an integrated CFA and thousands of offers from partner companies... even exceeding the demand.  

EM Normandie currently represents about 10% of the work-study workforce of the Grandes Écoles (Business Schools) in France! 

Financial aid for students

EM Normandie places the social mix of its students at the heart of its priorities by offering various financing solutions: student loan simulator - grants - emergency fund - partnership with banks - interest-free loans - etc.