Séminaire de rentrée des étudiants de première année

Du 28 August au 02 September 2023

Back-to-school seminar for first-year students

On our campuses

Sur nos campus

    The back-to-school seminars are specially designed to welcome new EM Normandie Business School students, whether you are entering the first year or in parallel admissions. These events provide you with the tools you need for your studies at the school.

    This is our chance to give you the key information you need to get your year off to a good start.

    These events are punctuated by studious seminars and activities organised by students from the Federation, associations and offices (BDE, BDS, BDA, etc.).

    Back-to-school seminar programme:

    • Workshops to get to grips with the tools
    • Interculturality: getting to grips with life on an international campuses
    • EM'Engaged: protecting yourself from risky behaviour
    • Work-study track and internship workshop: find out about professional requirements
    • Alumni Workshop: discover and meet the teams from the school's Alumni Association

    During your time at EM Normandie Business School, you will enjoy a fulfilling learning experience and meet many new people.

    Get your year off to the best possible start and make the most of your student life at EM Normandie Business School!

    Full details on the back-to-school website