Faculty & Research

EM Normandie’s Faculty and Researchers Garner Global Recognition

EM Normandie’s academic staff have recently been honored with significant global distinctions for their scholarly contributions.

These accolades reflect the professors’ commitment and expertise in their fields, enhancing the school’s global reputation.

An Elite Faculty

EM Normandie’s Faculty Excellence EM Normandie boasts a distinguished faculty of 115 teacher-researchers, attracting top-tier talent aligned with its goal to become a leading French post-baccalaureate institution in higher education and research globally. Engaging in various activities, including publishing in both national and international journals, participating in scientific forums, media contributions, and teaching, these faculty members are profoundly invested in both research and pedagogy. They are supported with a professional environment that includes a center for pedagogical innovation and a teaching model utilizing EdTechs, fostering an enhanced learning experience for students.

The school’s academic and applied research efforts are centralized in the ‘Métis Laboratory’ and organized across six departments: Law, Finance & Control; Economics, Territories Economics and Sustainable Development; Marketing; HR & Organization; Strategy & Entrepreneurship; Supply Chain Management & Decision Sciences. These departments act as knowledge dissemination centers, linking research with teaching, and engaging in numerous academic partnerships globally.

Recent Achievements and Honors of EM Normandie’s Faculty Members

Accolades and Distinctions for EM Normandie Faculty Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa Jabbour, a Supply Chain Management & Sustainable Development professor, was recognized as one of the most-cited researchers in Clarivate 2023, a prestigious list highlighting influential scientists and researchers. She also ranks in the 2023 Research.com ranking of Best Scientists in Business and Management, both globally and in France, and received the Research.com Business and Management in France Leader Award for 2023.

Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa Jabbour and colleague Sabri Boubaker are ranked among the top 2% of influential researchers worldwide in the 2023 Stanford global ranking. Boubaker also received accolades for his research in Corporate Finance, including the Best Research Paper at the 35th Asian Finance Association Annual Conference 2023 and the 2022 “The Economic Research Foundation” prize.

The AIMS/CCMP 2023 Best Pedagogical Case Award in Strategic Management was bestowed upon Xavier Philippe, associate professor at EM Normandie, along with Veronique Steyer, for their case study on Tesla.

An article co-authored by Sylvaine Castellano, Dean of Faculty and Research at EM Normandie, titled ‘Microfoundations of Strategic Agility in Emerging Markets: Empirical Evidence of Italian MNEs in India‘, was selected for the Best Phenomenon Based Paper Award for 2022.

Additionally, V.G. Venkatesh was recognized by the Indian Government for his empirical research on the socio-economic development of farmers, further demonstrating the school’s global academic impact.