Le digital utilisé dans un contexte professionnel


Using digital tools in a professional context

Define web marketing strategy for a company

Digital tools now permeate every aspect of our everyday lives. Although our students spend a lot of time on online platforms and social media tools such as Facebook and Instagram, we tend to find that most of them do not have a full working knowledge of digital marketing tools and games. Despite being digital natives, they do not have the understanding that they need to apply these concepts in the business world. For this reason, we have developed this Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS) course to help our students develop their theoretical and managerial knowledge in an innovative way while applying it within a real-world context.

Mustafeed Zaman
Assistant professor in digital Marketing

Nebojsa Davcik
Associate professor in Marketing

Learn to understand the digital economy market and analyse all areas of this market, including consumer behaviour in a given market, the consumer decision-making process and their purchasing process on different channels (e-commerce website, social media, etc.). Learn to implement an effective digital strategy, master web marketing tools and become savvy in statistical analysis.

Develop your theoretical knowledge and your managerial practices by setting actions to be carried out at each step. Conduct group case studies, and participate in discussions based on professional articles and videos as well as academic articles.

Work with your team to define a web marketing strategy for a company or brand. Choose your project: Create your own e-commerce business or position yourself as a consultant to offer a new brand strategy to an existing business. Submit reports in which you define your personas and your SEO/SEA strategy. Learn how to make full use of digital marketing tools and media such as Facebook, Instagram, online shopping and blogs.

Over the course of -hour slots, you will gain the theoretical knowledge from the best Harvard Business Review case studies, which you can then apply as part of your project. Use the guide prepared by your professors to locate all of the resources you could possibly need (book chapters, articles, case studies and web resources). The guide also provides links to videos which may make understanding the concepts easier.

Also watch the videos on the "TikTok for Business" website. Use a group brainstorming session to analyse the social media strategy of companies on TikTok.

tiktok cours Digital Marketing Strategy

Assess market trends and adjust your strategy decisions accordingly. Use the "Google Ads" platform to understand the digital ecosystem and define your paid keyword strategy.

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