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Roleplay Games

Step into the shoes of a permanent representative of the UN Humanitarian Council

In my course on geopolitics and the influence of markets, students step into the shoes of permanent representatives of the UN Humanitarian Council and must debate on a resolution that aims for a moratorium on global forestry operations for the 2032-2082 period. Working in two groups (the G5 and Observer Members), students produce their arguments in consideration of their role in global diplomatic and environmental networks. Some members are in favour of the moratorium, while others are against. The exercise results in the moratorium being adopted or abandoned. The Observer Members include four countries and a member of the global timber lobby. Brigitte Daudet is an Assistant Professor in Regional Development Management.

Brigitte DAUDET
Assistant professor in Regional Development

Create a detailed presentation in favour of or against the moratorium on forestry operations, and present your resolutions and vision to the UN Humanitarian Council. Then take part in geopolitical and geostrategic negotiations to reach a consensus and find a compromise on the resolution.

Immerse yourself in a scenario inspired by real-life sessions, in which countries are working on the crucial subject of timber, taking into account all related issues. These include global heating, deforestation, biodiversity and the financial value of carbon. The resolution will ultimately be adopted or rejected by the Secretary General (the only stakeholder with decision-making authority).