Le management de projets


Project management

Make sure you’re in control! Organise and manage your project and make your own decisions. The projects on offer are varied, and are all based on real business or corporate issues.

Independently manage your own group project

The Project Management course taught in year 3 of the Master in Management (Programme Grande École) creates real project “designers” who are the entrepreneurs of the future. Students work in groups on the project of their choice, based on a topic decided by their professor. They design the project themselves by following a step-by-step process, and finish by handing in the project charter. The methodology is taught during the classes, and students submit a deliverable at each stage of the project.

Associate professor in Entrepreneurship

Develop your inner entrepreneur, learn to work in a team and express your creativity by setting up your own project. This could be creating a start-up, organising an event, a video report-style communications project or a product launch.  

Complete a real or fictitious project on a step-by-step basis. First incorporate the project management methodology, and apply it to your chosen subject area. You will be assessed on the creativity, scale and implementation of your project concept.

management de projet - entrepreneuriat
management de projet entrepreneurs

Work as a group to organise a conference, covering the entire process from the design stage to the hosting of the event

As part of the M2/ MS Marketing, Communication & Agrifood Engineering course, students must organise an entire conference on an agri-food-related topic. They must decide the theme of the conference, find speakers and organise the event itself from start to finish. They also need to find funding to ensure that their project is a success.

Dimitri Laroutis
Professor in strategy

Lead on all stages of preparing a conference, and take responsibility for the success of an event that has now been running for almost 10 years.

For event funding, you may wish to call on the School's partner companies, such as the Mondelez group and small artisanal companies (chocolate makers, etc.).

Carry out a full market survey in Learning by Doing mode

In this course developed with Professor Romain Sohier in the form of a workshop, U3 students carry out a market survey from start to finish. Each group of three to five students works on a survey focus area based on a specific topic. The professor coaches the students and guides them through each step of the survey. The teams submit a deliverable at the end of each survey phase and receive a score from 1 to 5. At the end of the project, the overall score obtained is used for continuous assessment.

Marie-Hélène Duchemin
Assistant professor in Marketing
Romain Sohier
Assistant Professor in Marketing

Manage all phases of a market survey, from the statement of the issue phase to the analysis and interpretation of the results. Learn how to monitor documents, conduct a qualitative survey and discover netnography, the study of populations and communities on the internet.

Select a topical theme such as connected beehives, Hell Fest or crowd farming. Shoot your 180-second video or audio pitch, and present your project as if you were standing in front of your client, using your survey results to back it up.