EM Normandie Business School’s Master in Management: 65th in the Financial Times 2023 ranking, up 7 places.

On September 11, 2023, the Financial Times unveiled its 2023 ranking of the world’s top Masters in Management programs.

EM Normandie Business School’s Master in Management secured the 65th spot, climbing 7 places, reaffirming its position among the top 100 global Business Schools and Universities.


In a highly competitive landscape, EM Normandie Business School advanced 7 places to claim the 65th spot out of 100 prestigious international programs. France continues to dominate the ranking with 21 Grandes Écoles and universities represented, and EM Normandie Business School is placed 17th.

This esteemed ranking relies on a survey conducted among the 2020 Master in Management graduates, evaluating their professional situations, including salary, career progress, return on investment, and more. It also considers indicators related to the school’s diversity at faculty, governance, and student levels (including gender balance and the percentage of international students), the qualifications of EM Normandie Faculty, and the extent of students’ international exposure through academic and professional experiences during their studies.