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EM Normandie Business School in Dubai has recently earned two new accreditations for its Master’s programs.

EM Normandie Business School, a subsidiary of its parent institution in the UAE, has achieved significant accreditation milestones with the Commission for Academic Accreditations (CAA) of the Federal Government of the United Arab Emirates. These esteemed accreditations are granted to its Master’s programs in International Marketing and Business Development, as well as International Logistics and Port Management.

With these accreditations, the institution now possesses the authority to admit students and confer recognized diplomas within the UAE. Beginning in January 2024, the school will welcome around thirty students to these specialized programs, seamlessly integrating them into the existing cohorts of the Bachelor in International Management and EM Normandie Business School Programme Grande Ecole on our campuses.

Located within the Dubai Knowledge Park, the EM Normandie Business School campus sprawls across 1,400 square meters, offering ample space for up to 500 students. This provides an ideal environment for both living and learning in a city that is rapidly evolving and teeming with unmatched opportunities for future graduates.

Our educational programs are meticulously crafted to align with the strategic goals of the UAE. EM Normandie Business School equips young graduates with the skills necessary to excel in high-demand sectors such as logistics, IT project management, digital business, marketing, and sales. These programs are eagerly anticipated by French companies operating in the UAE, as they seek to fortify their workforce to meet the demands of their expanding operations and recruitment initiatives.


In keeping with this commitment to excellence, the UAE Ministry of Education has recently granted accreditation for a duration of three years to the following programs:

Master in International Logistics and Port Management: This program is the exclusive specialized offering in port management within the United Arab Emirates. It equips students with comprehensive knowledge and skills crucial for effective logistics management and transportation processes across various roles linked to the global orchestration of logistics flows. Students gain proficiency in organizing international transport and managing transport hubs, including port terminals, while also mastering the application of cutting-edge technologies and emerging innovations in the field of logistics. The pedagogical approach emphasizes practical learning through case study challenges, immersive activities such as an Escape Game, and simulations of procurement processes using digital tools that encompass economic and ecological dimensions.

Master in International Marketing and Business Development: The International Marketing and Business Development Master’s program empowers students to shape their future careers within the UAE and on an international scale. It prepares them for pivotal roles in marketing and/or sales management and hones their abilities to effectively communicate with partners from diverse cultural backgrounds in a multicultural environment.

These two Master’s programs stand as valuable additions to the diverse array of courses offered by EM Normandie in the UAE. This adaptability allows students from various regions to spend a year or a semester in the UAE, while international students, predominantly hailing from the Gulf States, India, and Africa, can enroll in the Bachelor in International Management program. Beginning in the 2024 academic year, BBA students will also have the opportunity to spend six months in Dubai.

All these educational offerings will be delivered by a team of local professors, professional instructors, and professor-researchers from EM Normandie Business School. Notably, six professor-researchers, along with a Dean of the Faculty, have recently joined EM Normandie UAE.

About EM Normandie Business School in the UAE: In 2022, EM Normandie Business School made history as the first French institution to establish its presence in Dubai. Its state-of-the-art 1,400 square meter campus is situated within the vibrant Dubai Knowledge Park, home to over 14,000 management and business students. The institution holds an institutional license as a Higher Education Provider and is accredited by the Federal Government of the United Arab Emirates. This accreditation extends specifically to its Bachelor in International Management program and its two distinctive Master’s programs, International Marketing and Business Development, and International Logistics and Port Management—the latter being the premier program specializing in port management in the UAE.

EM Normandie Business School actively recruits students from the UAE, the Gulf States, India, and Africa. The campus is also a favored destination for students pursuing the Master in Management (Grande Ecole Program) who wish to spend a semester or an entire year abroad. Moreover, it will welcome 4th-year BBA students starting from 2025. With an annual investment of €140 billion in search of future solutions, the United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, offers an exceptional testing ground for training students in Smart Cities and exposing young minds to diverse perspectives.