Assistant Professor in Human Resources

Controller of Academic Affairs


Champettil Gopalakrishna Pillai Manojkrishnan is an Assistant Professor in Human Resources and joined EM Normandie in 2023. He holds a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management (stress management) from the University of Kanchipuram in India, earned in 2011. His research and teaching areas include critical thinking, consumer behavior, stress management, leadership mindset, and work-life balance. With a notable publication record in Scopus-indexed journals such as the International Journal of Business & Society, the University of Malaysia, and others, he is the author of four books, including "Trust & Values in Pharma Industry" and "Stress Management in I.T Sector." Recipient of the "Exceptional Contribution to Management Education 2019" award, Manoj is recognized for his networking skills and professional connections with the private sector. He is also a motivation trainer and HR consultant, making significant contributions to the management program at the University of Kerala. Engaged in consulting assignments for both private and public enterprises, Manoj actively participates in alumni associations and professional committees. He also serves as the Controller of Academic Affairs.

Professional Experience

Since 2023 : Assistant Professor in Human Resources, Em Normandie
2021-2023 : Professor in RH, Head Corporate Relations & Chairperson, University Of Kerala, India
2014-2021 : Associate Professor in RH, TKM Institute of Management, University Of Kerala, India
2011-2014 : Assistant Professor, TKM Institute of Management, University Of Kerala, India
2006-2011 : Principal / Coordinator, University of Kerala, Institute of Management in Kerala
2002-2006 : Assistant Professor, M S N Institute of Management & Technology, University Of Kerala, India
2001-2002 : General Manager, SML Motors, Piaggio , Cochin, India
2000-2001 : Senior Business Executive et Branch In Charge, International Computer Industries, Kerala

Organisational studies & HR Management
Matières enseignées
Human Resources
2011 : PhD in Management Studies, SCSVMV University, India


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