Student’s Life

A Majestic Outing to Château de Versailles for EM Normandie Business School’s International Students

EM Normandie Business School recently hosted a special integration day at the Château de Versailles on 30 September, bringing together its 218 international students. This cultural event was aimed at fostering interactions and connections among students who have come to the French campuses for various programmes or university exchanges. It served as the finale of the integration activities that began with the students’ arrival in France in September.

Organized by the International Affairs Department, the purpose of this day was not only to unite students from diverse backgrounds but also to strengthen the bonds between the school’s staff and the students. To facilitate this, 18 staff members joined the students on their exploratory trip to Versailles.

Students from the Caen and Le Havre campuses were transported to the Château de Versailles in the morning via specially chartered buses, where they were joined by their peers from the Paris campuses.

Throughout the day, the students had the chance to explore the historical and majestic Château de Versailles, including its famous Hall of Mirrors and royal chambers. The visit concluded with a leisurely walk through the serene Trianon gardens, rounding off a day of cultural immersion and community building.