2024 Figaro Etudiant’s Business School Ranking: EM Normandie Business School Ranked Among Top 3 in 5-Year Post-Baccalaureate Category

In its 2024 edition, Figaro Etudiant places EM Normandie Business School at the 3rd spot among post-baccalaureate business schools in France, as revealed on December 4, 2023. This year’s ranking includes 14 prestigious institutions.

EM Normandie Business School stands out in the 2024 Figaro Etudiant business school rankings, securing its position among the top 3 five-year post-baccalaureate programs leading to a Master’s degree. The school’s high ranking is attributed to its possession of the ‘triple crown’ accreditation (EQUIS, ACCSB, and AMBA-MBM) – a distinction shared only with the other two leading schools. Additionally, it is one of only four schools in the top 14 to offer a Master’s degree program for the full five-year duration.

The ranking criteria encompass various factors, including academic excellence (length of Master’s program, accreditations, research quality, average high school scores of Sésame applicants, etc.), international exposure (percentage of international students, graduates working abroad, global ranking presence, number of accredited university partnerships, etc.), and graduate employment outcomes (starting salaries, permanent employment rates, alumni network size, etc.).

An enchanting experience awaits at EM Normandie Business School’s Oxford campus

The campus, likened to a ‘Harry Potter’ setting, offers first-year students post-baccalaureate the opportunity to study in English while experiencing life akin to Oxford University students, thanks to the school’s ADMISSIONS TEST. Miriam Schmidkonz, the Campus Director, highlights the access to lectures by renowned researchers, mirroring the experience of local students. Despite offering a quintessentially British educational experience, tuition remains affordable at €12,500, compared to the higher fees typically associated with UK universities.

Rethinking Global Experiences: A Shift Away from Far-Flung Journeys?

Our coverage also explores the balance between international experiences and ecological consciousness in higher education. Elian Pilvin, the Managing Director of EM Normandie Business School, emphasizes the importance of student choice in aligning their educational journey with their environmental values, noting that the school imposes no restrictions in this regard.