2023 academic year : EM Normandie commits to a sustainable world

At the commencement of the 2023 academic term, EM Normandie extends a warm welcome to 6,500 students, of whom over 2,000 are fresh faces. The latest scholastic season is once again embraced under the emblem of ‘School for Good’, encompassing three noteworthy innovations: a dedicated Business Simulation, a specialized back-to-school online platform, and, notably, an integration weekend (WEI) to conclude this remarkable assimilation period and etch it in memory.

Transitioning from Business School to School for Good, EM Normandie is resolute in reshaping its operational model, aligning with the School for Good ethos, to effect positive societal and ecological change by 2030. This transformation involves engaging students, alumni, faculty, and partners in this evolution. As part of this effort, the institution has opted to ingrain social and environmental subjects into students’ education right from the outset. The Sustainability course, for instance, immerses students in the heart of these Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) matters, spotlighting the solutions essential for the forthcoming generation of employees and entrepreneurs to imbue in their organizations. By program’s end, each student will have acquired competencies such as “Comprehending ethical and Sustainable Development challenges in society. Grasping the intricacies of sustainability and executing their undertakings resourcefully and responsibly, championing sustainability.

Elian Pilvin, the Managing Director of EM Normandie, remarks,

“From the 31st of August to the 2nd of September, fresh post-baccalaureate scholars from the Grande Ecole Programme, the Bachelor in International Management, and the BBA, who are novices across the three national campuses (Caen, Le Havre, and Paris), will join forces in groups to partake in a Business Simulation centered on four CSR themes: Long-range mobility, Day-to-day mobility, Consumption/Rapid fashion, and Nutrition.


Backed by a team of 75 enthusiastic EM Normandie alumni and 50 guest speakers, these clusters of approximately 15 students each will formulate and present their project in the form of a pitch to a panel of industry experts. The primary objective is to introduce students to the intricacies of sustainable development challenges, encourage contemplation on practical matters linked to their daily routines and/or local communities, and acquaint them with the rudiments of project initiation, especially within associations. The 3-day event will culminate with celebratory evenings on each campus.

For other students (PGE, BBA, Bachelor of International Management, MS or MSc, or international students), the initiation of the new academic season will be staggered over the ensuing weeks in a seminar-style approach, featuring workshops focused on commitment, interculturality, skill acquisition, and locating internships.

A momentous milestone: in September 2023, EM Normandie will extend a warm reception to its inaugural contingent of Vietnamese scholars at its Le Havre campus, as part of its partnership with UTC Hanoi. These 14 students will be embarking on their third year of a Bachelor’s program.

On the global campuses in Dubai, Dublin, and Oxford, students will be greeted by local teams and swiftly immersed in the fabric of their overseas environment through workshops intended to cultivate awareness of the appropriate norms to adopt, team synergy, engagement with prominent companies, and celebratory soirées.

A dedicated back-to-school website, conceived by and for students, serves as a novel repository for all essential practical information, segmented campus-wise. Available online since June and updated in real-time, https://rentree.em-normandie.com/ proves to be a treasure trove for young individuals and their parents in quest of information. It encompasses:

Commencement dates for the academic term Instructions for completing the registration form Back-to-school agenda Accommodation scouting Course financing Apprenticeship placement exploration Campus life insights And a plethora of additional resources!

The revival of the WEI is cause for celebration. Following a hiatus of several years, the Senior Administration of EM Normandie has resolved to revive this festive occasion, marking the culmination of a month-long assimilation period, directed by the Student Federation and the Student Offices (BDE) across the French campuses.

From the 22nd to the 24th of September, all the newly enrolled 1st-year candidates of diverse programs will converge in Brittany for a 3-day rendezvous designed to facilitate their integration. The objective is to offer them the platform to forge new connections, establish bonds more effortlessly, and cultivate a sense of unity and affiliation with the EM Normandie community.”