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camille masson
Camille Masson

Sales Team Manager Livi

I didn't think I would be one of those people who would start a business at some point. I had several ideas but nothing like the one I finally started.

I decided to start by discussing my idea with someone who really wanted to be an entrepreneur.

From the idea to its realisation

It seems very complicated to find a place in a nursery when you are a young parent. This is the fear of many future parents. 

What I found was that there were about 30% of places available every day in these facilities. That sounds quite crazy. There are several reasons for this.

In any case, these free places could be used by parents who need them. This identified need made me think about solutions. At first I made notes on a notebook but realised that the solution would surely lie in digital technology.

I discussed this with someone who helped me to push the barriers and find solutions.

The difficulties of the first steps

My teammate and I spent a long time thinking about our project. We were a few years apart but both young. It seemed like the right time to start.

We wondered whether we should take the risk of doing it. It seemed like a risk at the time, like putting aside the beginning of a career. It's about launching a project in which you really believe but for which there is no certainty of success.

It was a very gradual process that finally took off naturally.

Bringing this idea to fruition has generated many challenges. Creating a company requires you to touch on many subjects that you don't necessarily master. 

The project lasted a year and a half with all the stages linked to financing, technology, marketing... We went through all these stages with some difficulties but also with some successes.

It was an extremely rewarding period but I felt that I needed something else. I felt the need to find mentoring. I had had some very good managers during my two years of work experience. I had made a lot of progress thanks to them.

I also felt the need to have a larger team and other teams to deal with specific tasks, so that I could keep just one or two big topics.

I finally decided to move on to other adventures. My partner continued to keep the project alive in the longer term.

The learning process of entrepreneurship

Embarking on such a project and carrying it out over a certain period of time leads to a certain maturity. You don't realise it at the time.

During the period of confinement, I had the time to really put things down and make a lot of progress in the space of a year and a half. I developed a lot of skills and was not the same person as when I started.

The art of bouncing back

Fortunately I had this 'white' period of confinement to be able to manage the project without pressure and take my time. You get very attached to a project that you have developed yourself, more so than when you work for a company.

My first thought was to go into consultancy, because it allows you not to get stuck on one particular project.

My research focuses on different brands in the social and health fields because I wanted to go into medicine at one point in my life.

In my research, I came across various companies, including Livi, which I have since joined. Without even realising it, I wanted to join a particular project rather than go into consulting.

I've been working there for over a year and a half and I'm delighted. At no time will I go back to my choice of becoming a consultant.

Finding one's way

At that time, I don't feel like I'm going backwards at all, and even less so today. This job corresponds very well to my aspirations. I'm leaving aside entrepreneurship, which I may return to later.

At this stage I really need to be part of a company. Livi is a large European group. I need to have this dynamic and to be supported by other people around me.

Being an employee suits me perfectly and I give it my all. It has to be said that Livi is a company that has grown very quickly, both in France and in Europe.

When I joined the company, there was still a lot of work to do.

Livi is growing fast and that means you can quickly take on responsibilities. You can build up small projects within a large company.

Follow your instincts

It is necessary to follow one's instincts and see if our decisions lead us to the right place. I had never done this before. I think it worked for me and I advise all students to do the same.

You also have to be able to go where the wind takes you because there can be some nice surprises. In any case, you learn a lot in the process.

I would also say that you should not be stubborn when a situation seems to be blocked. If it doesn't happen naturally, it's probably because there's something more fun to do behind it.

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