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Inzamam Athar
Inzamam Athar

Indian student at EM Normandie

Why did you choose EM Normandie?

EM Normandie Business School, in my domain, is one of the experts in Supply Chain management. Before coming here, while I was in India, I was very interested in increasing my experience internationally. When I got to know about EM Normandie’s culture and history, in terms of how international the School is, that’s the reason why I selected it.

How was your integration into the French culture?

Integration into the French culture was the best part of me coming here I think. To be true, in Le Havre, people are very nice here. Finding a friend to talk to or finding anyone, they are always here to help you, in the School as well.
To be true, I didn’t know a word of French when I arrived here but when I started interacting with people, they were so nice to me to let me learn this language.

What are your career perspectives here?

I knew that Le Havre is the place for logistics and Supply Chain. I met a lot of companies as well. It is quite tiring to be true. But, at the end, right now I landed up an internship and probably if everything goes well, I will probably be landing with an employment contract as well.

What are your favourite places to visit in Le Havre?

The best place is the beach. Whenever you want, you can go there. And the city is quite connected as well. You have Étretat, Honfleur… these places are quite interesting to visit.

Some words for future students?

You have to open up yourself, to talk to people, to get around the city and get to know the city and get to know the people around you. That is the best advice I can give you.

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