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Chloé Legay
Chloé Legay

HR Officer at TF1

My name is Chloé Legay and I'm going to tell you how I joined the TF1 Group thanks to my studies at EM Normandie (class of 2021). The expatriation transformed me. When I left for Finland, I had the feeling that I had crossed a threshold. In this podcast, I tell you about my experience at the School, my optional year, my questioning of my professional future and my first months in the working world.
HR Officer at TF1

The richness of expatriation

The experience that marked me the most was my first expatriation. I recommend doing it because you learn a lot about yourself and you meet many people. For my part, I went to Finland. It's not the end of the world but the environment is different. I came back from my second year transformed. My expatriations have really marked my career.

I had planned to do my two last years of study as a work-study programme. Initially, I thought I would work in marketing. I had a few interviews but they didn't work out. I questioned myself and realised that I lacked the maturity and experience to clearly define what I wanted to do as a job. 

I therefore decided to continue with the classical route and to do another expatriation. I chose the subjects that spoke to me and thanks to these courses, I got to know professionals who inspired me a lot. 

For this expatriation, I really wanted to improve my level of English and open myself to new things. This experience was beneficial for me. I was lucky enough to be oriented towards subjects that helped me define my professional project.

The evidence of HR

Thanks to the classes, I discovered a sensitivity to the human aspect of management and to the HR management in companies. The professionals talking about their experience inspired me a lot and I liked working on practical exercises. All the subjects that revolve around HR seemed really natural to me and in line with my personality.

I immediately realised that this was the field for me. At that time, I had no experience in the subject at all. The optional year allowed me to confirm this wish. I was really lucky to find my path so spontaneously. 

This sector corresponds completely to my way of being in everyday life. I'm very people-oriented and quite sociable. It was a natural fit!

Making the most of your optional year

My gap year is going very well. Everything is working out perfectly. The internships are totally in line with my wishes. My year is going as planned. 

In the field of HR, there is internal management in companies but also recruitment agencies. I wanted to start with an experience in a recruitment agency to get a feel for it and to find out if this activity suited me. This experience was very formative. It allowed me to confirm my project, to get unstuck and to gain confidence in myself. During these six months, I learned to leave my comfort zone and I acquired a lot of knowledge.

In the second semester, I found another internship in an internal HR department which complemented my previous internship. This full year in a company allowed me to get a great work-study placement for my last year of study.

Salto, the first step in the audiovisual sector

Salto is a French streaming platform like Netflix. It was designed by the three parent companies of the audiovisual industry in France: TF1, M6 and France Télévisions. This platform offers a variety of content such as programme reruns, series, films, documentaries, exclusive content... I applied without really believing it at first because it is TF1! I was contacted for an interview which turned out to be atypical. The HR manager wanted to get to know me and my aspirations... I felt very comfortable and the interview went well. 

I discovered Salto at that moment. It's a company that combines a start-up spirit with the backing of a large group.

From Salto to TF1

At Salto, I worked directly with the HR director. There were two of us in the team. As the company had just started up, I was able to support him on a huge number of issues: CSE, internal regulations, recruitment management, welcoming new arrivals, preparing end-of-year objectives, etc. In the space of a few months, the team grew from 20 to 50 people. 

I was in charge of recruiting all the work-study students and interns, as I was the first intern at Salto. The process of recruiting work-study students is a bit complex, my HR manager put me in touch with a student from the TF1 group. These exchanges went well and my relationship with my manager was good, which later enabled me to get my work experience placement.

The pride of working for a well-known brand

I had already applied to TF1 and didn't necessarily expect to be selected over the other candidates. I am very proud today to be able to say that I work for TF1. It's a really nice environment, a caring structure with a team that has allowed me to grow. I remain modest because, apart from TF1, there are many fine companies, both SMEs and large corporations.

When you work in HR, it is ideal to have such a 'human' team. TF1 is a structure that suits me perfectly in terms of values and human qualities. I find it hard to see myself anywhere else today!

Consider all your professional relationships

Relationships go beyond the people you have contact with on LinkedIn or within the Alumni network. Work relationships, in particular, allow you to progress in your company. That's why I think it's important to always have a constructive attitude at work, no matter what your status or job is, and to talk to your colleagues during breaks.

If I am where I am today, it is thanks to the good relationships I have built up with my professional circle. Several people have really given me a helping hand in this progression and I thank them for that.

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