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Brou Factory - Clara Mermin & Sébastien Vernay
Clara Mermin & Sébastien Vernay

Founders of Brou Factory

What prompted you to start?

CLARA: I have always had the motivation to create my own project. For me, entrepreneurship is synonymous with freedom. What motivated me in the Brou Factory project was above all the discovery of an unexploited idea: a decoration that appeals to children and adults alike.

SEBASTIEN: Having worked for two years as a management controller in Paris, I have always wanted to embark on extra-professional projects to allow me to experience more and more. My professional life takes up a lot of my time but I try to optimize my free time to make the Brou Factory project grow with Clara. Taking risks is one of the things that motivates me the most!


How did you become an entrepreneur?

CLARA: I started by talking about it to my friends and family, who encouraged me to continue and develop the project because it was an innovative idea and one that would appeal. Thanks to the support of our respective families and after having tried to make a first prototype of François le Français, this model seduced many Lego lovers. We therefore quickly found out more about the adventure of entrepreneurship, in particular by selecting our fablab "Mon Atelier en Ville" in Paris for the laser cutting of the plastic plates.

SEBASTIEN: Many people want to become entrepreneurs but the road is long. My taste for finance and risk-taking encouraged me to quickly propose a business plan in order to study the profitability and sustainability of the project. On the technical side, I had to familiarise myself with specific software (Adobe Illustrator in particular) and train myself in laser cutting in order to be autonomous in the manufacture of our Made in France decorative frames.

Tell us about your Brou Factory project:

CLARA: It was during my expatriation in Mexico that I became interested in Lego, after seeing several ideas for decorations around the subject I spoke to Sébastien and there the ideas were born and the project began to be born. The concept of the Brou Factory: it's themed frames that are made of Lego© bricks. The Brou represent different characters like Martin d'eau douce, Super Brou, the Patriot, Christmas and many other models that will soon be available for sale. All are numbered and signed.

SEBASTIEN: We really enjoy making this project because we can let our imagination run wild. From making the designs, buying the materials, production, communication and all the other key stages of a project, to selling them. Our long term goal is to develop the customization of our frames by giving you the possibility to have a Brou in your colours.


Where do you stand today?

CLARA: Today we are lucky enough to be able to exhibit our frames at the Mascarade Shop, an art gallery in Le Havre. It's a wonderful showcase for us and a great springboard for the development of our project. The first feedbacks give us a real motivation to persevere and grow. We hope to see our frames displayed in new concept stores in the near future.

SEBASTIEN: We have a lot of ideas for new models in mind that we will unveil over time. Some of them will be linked to current events such as the World Cup for example. Our main objective today is to make the Brou Factory known throughout France and to find retailers in the major cities.


Any advice for EMians?

"Many people have great ideas, but few dare to start. Launching a project is a fabulous, exciting thing. To achieve this, avoid stagnation, and accept to question yourself in order to move forward. Don't hesitate to talk about your desires, ideas and projects around you. If you think it can work, then DARE! Don't be afraid of failure, it's a learning experience!"


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