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Aurèle Patorni
Aurèle Patorni

Founder of Stopømégots

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Aurèle Patorni, I am 20 years old. I am currently in my third year at EM Normandie. I am a member of EM Normandie Incubator since last November. I have had a business creation project for 2 years, this summer 2017 it became a reality.

Why did you join EM Normandie and InsIDE in particular?

My objective in joining EM Normandie is to combine my studies with my entrepreneurial project. This is what InsIDE offers, by helping us to develop our projects outside of class hours with personalised coaching. InsIDE puts us in touch with a large network of professionals from different sectors who accompany us from A to Z.

In my opinion, one of the biggest advantages is the possibility to quickly and easily develop one's network through the numerous events organised by InsIDE throughout the year on the different campuses.

Can you present your project?

Stopømégots is a company that makes it possible to collect cigarette butts in public and private spaces in a fun way. The principle is simple: a panel is placed with a question displayed on it and two possible answers, and smokers vote by throwing away their butts. Even non-smokers can participate in the vote via a QR code that can be scanned with their mobile phone. These panels are entirely made in Normandy.

Have you encountered any difficulties in your project so far?

Being young can cause some difficulties. I've had a lot of support over the last two years, which has prevented me from going in the wrong direction. The tricky thing is to idealise your project and tell yourself that once the first sales are made, it will be a success, when in reality, it takes a long time (but it's exciting 🙂 )

Where are you today? What are your plans for the future? 

Today, we continue to approach town halls and private companies. I am lucky enough to have some contacts with several French cities.

The first sales make me want to go further. Eventually, the aim is to have panels throughout France and why not internationally.

At the local level, I am working with the management of the operations department of SM Caen, the city's football club. I hope that my project will be a springboard to the football sector. I would like to develop as a marketing director within an organisation (club, federation).

What advice would you give to students who want to become entrepreneurs?

"Don't be afraid to take the plunge. You have to tell yourself that starting a business is not just for certain people and that anyone can succeed with a good idea and the desire to do so. "

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Facebook : @Stopomegots

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