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Shonnead Dégremont, fondatrice des Petites Culottées
Shonnead Dégremont

Founder of Les Petites Culottées

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

It doesn't matter if you have an idea or a desire to start a business, you have to be able to talk about it all the time because it's THE basic subject. I was lucky enough to be incubated at InsIDE which helped me a lot. This scheme offers a lot of coaching in the financial and legal fields, etc. As you progress with your project, you meet a lot of people. The Alumni network is also very powerful. The school supports us in many areas.

What are the UP and DOWN of your project?

The bottom is when you're in your panties in your living room and you realise you have 1,000 panties and you don't know what to do with them! You wonder if you're going to get customers or not. You have your friends who support you and buy you panties to help you.


There are also great moments, when you get messages from guys who want to give their wife a pair of panties after she has given birth and want her to look stylish and sexy. That's when you realise that he understands the concept, that taboos need to be broken and that women really exist. Those moments are great.

What is your pitch in 10 seconds?

Les Petites Culottées offers panties adapted to the delicate periods of bladder weakness and menstruation. Everything is made in France and made of Calais lace.

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