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david drahy
David Drahy

Director of the events agency Com'Over

<h2>Can you explain your job to us?</h2>

<p>After graduating in 2004, I quickly switched to a specialisation in <strong>events </strong>and in the <strong>sports </strong>and <strong>entertainment </strong>sectors.</p>

<p>I chose this sector because I've been a <strong>sports fan </strong>since I was very young. It's a field that makes you dream. You get to be at extraordinary events with celebrities. It can be quite thrilling!</p>

<h2>Can you tell us about your career?</h2>

<p>That year, the agency was working for <strong>Mastercard </strong>on the <strong>Champions League</strong>. It was a top partner for the final. There were "fan zones" of different partners.</p>

<p>The Champions League final took place in Paris at the Stade de France and was between FC Barcelona and Arsenal. There was&nbsp;<strong>magic </strong>in this event. I was only 24 years old and had only recently started working for this company.</p>

<p class="accroche-temoignage-emn">When you work on an event like that, you are proud to be able to tell what you have done, even after working for 24 hours non-stop.</p>

<p>I worked on my first<strong> Roland Garros</strong> in 2013 or 2014, also for Mastercard, which is a long-standing client. I was in charge of activating Mastercard's partnership on Roland Garros because it was their first year. There was everything to create: 800 VIPs over 15 days, hospitality stand, activation in the shops, ambassador programme... Rolland Garros has a magical side!</p>

<p>I've also been a big <strong>basketball </strong>fan since I was a kid. I played the sport for fifteen years.</p>

<p class="accroche-temoignage-emn">After my studies at EM Normandie, my very first client was the NBA. I've been lucky enough to work for them for 17 years now.</p>

<p>I must be the Frenchman who has the longest contract with them worldwide. I was able to see the great growth of the NBA on French territory and all its developments during these years.</p>

<h2>What was your best moment?</h2>

<p>When I co-founded Com'Over, I was lucky that the NBA was our first client and followed us directly. In January 2020, the first official <strong>relocated NBA regular season game </strong>took place on French territory in Paris. We were part of this event with several missions and some event management: media relations, influencer relations, consulting, activations and others.&nbsp;</p>

<p class="accroche-temoignage-emn">Our agency was really at the heart of this match with a team of about ten people working on this project. I'm really proud of their work.</p>

<p>I think it's really nice to see your team with <strong>stars in their eyes </strong>and having so much fun. In terms of personal satisfaction, I am even happier to see <strong>my team proud of its success </strong>than I would have been if I had led the project myself.</p>

<p class="accroche-temoignage-emn">At my level, it is the culmination of many years of work and love of the game, to succeed in bringing an NBA game back to France.</p>

<p>I would say that it is the <strong>best moment </strong>of my career even if I was not very involved on the court. It was mainly my team that led the project on the operational level. This event was the <strong>result </strong>of all the work I've done with this league that I'm a fan of. The NBA was my first client when I was an intern in an agency. They trusted me over the long term.</p>

<p>When you reach such an outcome, it's a pretty strong feeling. I think this memory will stay with me for the rest of my life.</p>

<h2>How is your agency developing?</h2>

<p>I come from the world of basketball, which I already liked when I was young. Today, we are lucky to work with the NBA.&nbsp;</p>

<p>On this game, we had <strong>three other clients</strong> of the agency: Beats by Dre, New Era and NBA2K who were also involved in this game. Since then, we have had other clients such as Gerflor, Puma and other basketball-related brands.&nbsp;</p>

<p class="accroche-temoignage-emn">Working with the NBA is a great opportunity for me. When you work in sports and entertainment, it is the best sports league in the world!&nbsp;</p>

<p>When you see the best players in the world staying with<strong> the same agency for so long</strong>, there is a reason. It means that our work is good. Working for the NBA is also a lever to attract other clients.</p>

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