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Baptiste Kohner
Baptiste Kohner

Customisation and sale of shoes

Can you introduce yourself?

I am Baptiste Kohner, currently a third-year student at EM Normandie. I recently started a shoe customisation business.

How did you come up with this idea?

The idea came to me a few years ago, in 2019 I think. I had seen on the Vans® brand website that they were offering customised shoes with prints of our choice. I didn't find their concept very convincing for my part. That's why I started to look for information on Youtube and I came across an American Youtuber called Marko who does custom shoes. That's where I got the idea to make my own custom shoes using my personal universe.

How long have you been doing custom shoes ?

Before starting, I took time to train and to learn about the necessary equipment: paint, brushes, leather preparer, leather finisher... It took me some time, so I only started my activity in October 2020.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start?

First of all, you have to train a lot beforehand and, above all, you have to have the courage to take up this activity. The price of pairs of shoes is still quite high. That's why at the beginning I was afraid of damaging them. But then I decided to go ahead regardless of the result. I told myself that at least I would have tried.

What is the process for customising a shoe?

I start by making templates on paper to see how the design looks on the shoe. The leather must also be well prepared with acetone so that the paint adheres well. Then I draw the design on tracing paper and put it on the shoe. Finally, I use the tracing paper as a base to paint on the inside.

Do you do anything else besides shoes?

Yes, I also make cardboard canvases. For this I use POSCAs, which are pencils with integrated water paint that I like very much.

Do you plan to sell custom shoes? 

Absolutely, I will start selling my shoes. I make them on demand, according to the wishes of customers who contact me on Instagram to ask for their model. Then, we discuss the desired pattern, the desired colours... then I offer them a template. Once this template is validated, I start working on their shoes.

Do you pay attention to the competition?

Of course, I find out what is available on the market and how I can bring my personal touch to this field.

Do you have other projects?

Yes, in addition to custom shoes, I would also like to start customising denim jackets. I discovered that Julien Doré's denim jacket had a big wolf drawn on the back, I thought it was beautiful. It made me want to try drawing on a jacket in a similar style.

Do you have an Instagram page?

Yes, I have created an Insta page very recently on the profile @flowart_custom.

The last word...

If you are interested, please contact me. It will make me very happy because it proves that my work is recognised. Moreover, I'm very open in terms of drawing styles, I don't limit myself to manga.


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