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Etienne Noinski
Etienne Noinski

CRM & PRM Manager at Audi France

What has been your career path since your studies?

I've been CRM Manager at Audi France for almost a year and a half now.

I did my final year of work-linked training, starting out in the automotive industry with Mercedes Benz.

I then moved to BMW to work on digital marketing assignments.

Then I had the opportunity to go abroad to Madrid for 3 years, where I worked on digital functions.

Finally, I returned to France at the end of 2021 to take up my current position at Audi France.

What has the School given you in your career?

The network has given me a lot. It was thanks to the network that I was able to find my various internships.

I worked with graduates of the School who were in those companies. It all went really well.

When I went to Spain, I first wanted to explore the country before going to work there. It was thanks to someone in the network that I was able to meet one of the managers of BMW's Spanish subsidiary. It was thanks to this relationship that I was able to go to Spain.

What advice would you give our students?

I'd advise you to see your projects through to the end, because the School gives us a lot of support.

During your studies, you'll have the opportunity to set up a whole range of things, such as humanitarian, sporting and entrepreneurial events.

It's a real mindset at the school to allow you to get involved in projects. I'd really advise you to go all out with your projects!

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