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Mégane fondatrice de LINSITE
Mégane Fleury

Co-Founder of LINPACT

Why did you create Linpact?

As the name suggests, we wanted to have an impact on several spheres. We are 3 female entrepreneurs from Normandy who are keen to change the world and participate in its construction. We got into the textile market because we like fashion, we like quality pieces but we don't necessarily like the way it's designed, we wanted to do it differently.

We offer products that are going to be produced in limited quantities. Our commitment is ecological from the design to the final product. We pay attention to everything that is packaging, manufacturing circuit, materials, accessories and so we wanted to combine the two: ecology and luxury.

Currently, there are references in the luxury as well as references in the eco-responsible brands but there are not yet, in Normandy and even in France, brands that really combine the two and that are references in the eco-luxury in France.

I arrived at EM Normandie in 2015-2016, I did the Bachelor Management International. The School provided me with an environment of sharing cultures and knowledge. For me, it is excellence in terms of courses.

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