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Li Kuntong
Li Kuntong

Chinese student at EM Normandie - Le Havre

Why would you recommend EM Normandie Business School?

I recommend it because it is an international Business School. We have a lot of professors and students coming from all over the world. So you have a multicultural environment and I think this is quite important for business. 

How was your integration into the French culture?

I think that the French way of life is the most interesting part, because here in France, I learned how to live like French people. Everybody enjoys life and takes things slowly unlike in China where everything has to be “quick” all the time. I really enjoy living in France. 

What are your favourite places to visit in Le Havre?

I love the beach and I love the city of Sainte-Adresse. There are so many cute restaurants and you can spend your whole afternoon there. 

Some words for future students?

I want to say to the students who are coming to EM Normandie that you are going to spend the most interesting years of your life, and just enjoy it! Make friends with other students and also with the teachers because they are so friendly and so kind.

One little tip: if you have the option, you should come to school in person to attend the classes. It’s much better when you are face-to-face with the teachers and your classmates. 

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