Formation en management de la filière équine

26 March 2024

EM Normandie joins forces with Irish National Stud (INS) to launch a top-level course in equine industry management "Equine Management Executive Certificate"

Executive education

With the support of the Normandy Region, an equestrian land par excellence, EM Normandie has joined forces with Irish National Stud to offer a certified course in equine industry management, « Equine Management Executive Certificate ».

This high-level course is aimed at professionals who wish to acquire or perfect their general management skills. The 8-months course, mainly distance learning, is complemented by 2 weeks' immersion in Kildare in Ireland and in Normandy, two strongholds with long-standing equine traditions, enabling students to combine professional activity with prestigious training.

Nowadays, all professionals have to face up to economic, social and environmental challenges, and experts in the equine sector are no exception! To meet these challenges, training is essential, but there is still too little on offer in this field. To meet this demand, EM Normandie and Irish National Stud – INS have decided to combine their skills in management and equine expertise to offer a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, high-level training course tailored to today's challenges.

Partenaires programme équin

EM Normandie and INS, with the support of the Normandy Region, have designed the "Equine Management Executive Certificate" for working professionals wishing to take on general management responsibilities adapted to contemporary challenges (economic, SD & CSR) in the equine industry.
In small groups (15 to 20 participants maximum), learners are coached by top-level, multidisciplinary academic and equine industry experts, giving them access to an international professional network. In addition to online courses, they benefit from 2 study trips to equine events in France (Normandy) and Ireland (near Dublin).

The management courses are taught in English only and take place remotely on Fridays and Saturdays from April to October. The main themes are :

    Leadership principles / Managing teams / Intercultural management / Developing communication skills/ Conflict management / Emotional intelligence.
    Entrepreneurship foundations / Managing smaller businesses / Managing family businesses / Business strategies for success / Drawing up a business plan.
    Financial analysis / Financial management / Cost calculation / Information system management.
    Strategic management / Risk management / Management control and audit / Corporate social responsibility / Strategic change management.
    Analysing the marketing environment / Customer research / Relational marketing / Strategic and operational marketing / Web marketing / Defining a communication strategy.
    Understanding innovation management / Innovation in context / Developing an innovation strategy / Generating innovative ideas / Implementing innovation / Change management.

A study trip based on immersion and networking

During their stays in Normandy and Ireland, learners will have the opportunity to benefit from the latest scientific advances, discover cutting-edge practices and interact with leaders in the equine industry. Visits to horse-related businesses and farms, particularly thoroughbreds, will enable them to explore alternative approaches and establish business relationships.

In Ireland (Kildare) – From July 14th to 21th 2024

At the Irish National Stud, home of the champions, they will be introduced to thoroughbred breeding management, equine welfare and ethics, equine management, professional development as a thoroughbred industry executive. The program is rounded off by visits to Stud Farms, Bloodstock Sales complexs, Thoroughbred Racing Yards, Racecourses and renowned equine establishments.

Cathal Beale - CEO de l'Irish National Stud

In France (Normandy) – From October 20th to 30th 2024

In Normandy, learners will visit the Normandy Equine Valley, an international campus dedicated to equine health research, as well as the Haras national du Pin and the Pôle hippique de Saint-Lô. They will benefit from the teaching provided by the National veterinary school of Alfort, the Agence Nationale Sécurité Sanitaire Alimentaire Nationale (Anses) and the Institut Français du Cheval et de l'Equitation (Lfce). The themes studied will include musculoskeletal pathologies, infectious diseases, equine health and well-being, the One-Health approach... They will also take part in events such as horse races and auctions, especially in Deauville.

To complete the course, learners will have to work on a study project linked to their professional activity, identifying strategic and operational issues, with the support of a dedicated coach.

This new professional and international training offer is an obvious choice for EM Normandie, a world-renowned business school based in both Normandy and Ireland. Our aim is to develop programs that reflect the excellence and specific characteristics of our region - Normandy is renowned for its equine industry - and to support students and professionals throughout their careers.
declare Elian Pilvin, EM Normandie Managing Director.

For over 50 years, the Irish National Stud has been offering world-class equine education programs, and we are delighted to be collaborating with EM Normandie on the Equine Management Executive Certificate program, combining our know-how and enhancing the skills of future participants in our courses.
adds Cathal Beale, Chief Executive Officer of Irish National Stud.

Practical information

Candidates must have a professional proficiency in English or have studied in English for at least 1 year.
Selection based on assessment of application and interview.
Cost of training: €8,000 (transport and accommodation not included).
Applications open until 04/15/2024

  • About our partners

    About Irish National Stud

    Located only 40 minutes from Dublin, in the beating heart of Ireland’s thoroughbred county, County Kildare, the Irish National Stud & Gardens is one of Ireland’s true treasures. It is a unique attraction of outstanding natural beauty and home to some of the most magnificent horses and sumptuous gardens found anywhere in the world.
    Beginning in the early 1900s, the Irish National Stud has produced some of the finest racehorses in Europe. It is one of the only thoroughbred breeding farms in Ireland opened to the public.
    For over 50 years, Equine Education and Innovation has been very much part of the I.N.S ethos, delivering programmes such as the world-renowned Thoroughbred Breeding Management course and developing initiatives such as the Irish Racehorse Experience and The Irish Equine Innovation Hub. Learners on our programmes have the opportunity to learn from industry experts, engage with industry peers and visit equine enterprises which are all involved in an evolving equine industry.

    About the Normandy Region

    As the only region in the world to host top-level professionals in the gallop, trot and sports fields, Normandy is proud of its equine industry. With 12,300 births a year, 600 trainers, 675 equestrian establishments, 18,000 jobs and a turnover of 1.3 billion euros, the Normandy equine industry is a driving force behind the region's economic development.
    The Normandy Region supports this industry of excellence through flagship projects such as the development of the Normandy Equine Valley international campus and the revitalization project for the Haras National du Pin. It also supports the activities of professionals by backing their investments and pursuing an active training and employment policy.



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