EM Normandie

Alumni Association

EM Normandie relies on a powerful community of alumni and students who enrich themselves mutually with each member of the network.



EM Normandie Alumni and Students Association has a membership of 23,000 members in about 100 countries. Its main missions are:

  • To offer a range of services and support students and graduates throughout their study and career paths
  • To foster meetings and exchanges between members around the world
  • To increase the School’s reputation and promote its degrees




international members

French members

As you enter the School, you have the option to join the EM Normandie Alumni Association on a life membership basis. You will then benefit from a range of services via a collaborative website:

  • An on-line Directory
  • Internship offers, cooperative contracts and employment customised for you 
  • Personalised support for graduates (mentoring)
  • Professional and social meetings between students and alumni during events in France and abroad (Annual Gala Night, Business Drinks, talks,…)
  • Take advantage of meetings, business and career opportunities thanks to numerous, events
  • Foster cross-generational meetings by addressing students (mentoring, courses, meetings,…)
  • Access the EM Normandie Alumni collaborative website: directory, employment offers, news, …
  • Take part in promoting the School across the world by upholding the EM Normandie spirit 

5 good reasons to join the EM Normandie Alumni Association

  • Stay in contact with the members of your class
  • Check employment opportunities on the Association website
  • Benefit from personalised support during and after your study path (career Path Scheme, mentoring,…)
  • Take part in the Association’s professional and social events
  • Get advice from alumni and share your own experience with students
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