Fondation EM Normandie

EM Normandie foundation

Founded in 2016 by Alumni, under the aegis of Fondation de France, the EM Normandie Foundation supports the School’s development by activating three levers: 

  • Equal opportunity and social and cultural diversity by supporting motivated students who are in difficult financial situations 
  • Academic excellence and research funding related to business organisation issues 
  • Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit for pedagogy and students, to allow them to realise their projects during their study paths at EM Normandie

The Foundation has close links with the Alumni Network Association and the School’s partner companies

Why support EM Normandie Foundation ?

  • You support the development of EM Normandie and its influence
  • You demonstrate your commitment to the humanist, social and cultural values of our school, which is open to all talents
  • You are preparing future generations for the demands of tomorrow's professional world
  • You ensure sustainable funding in an increasingly competitive environment
  • You will benefit from a significant tax reduction while contributing to a project that is close to your heart

Giving your name to a lecture hall or classroom is an original and personalised way of supporting the EM Normandie Foundation

What if, to show your generosity, you gave your name to your former campus? The EM Normandie Foundation has launched a large-scale naming operation in November 2019! You can now support the Foundation in an original and impactful way by giving your name or that of your company to an emblematic location on EM Normandie's French campuses (Caen, Le Havre and Paris). It's a great way of perpetuating the link between students and graduates!

Discover the spaces

Frédérique Clavel has chosen to name the social room on the new campus in Le Havre

"Participating in the naming campaign by associating my name with the social room of the future Le Havre campus is an opportunity to invest in a room that represents the future of the school, where many decisions concerning the future of EM Normandie will be taken. 
Above and beyond the choice of hall, this naming campaign is above all an opportunity to participate in the development of the EM Normandie Foundation and to support it in its future projects. Being able to put your name to a room at EM Normandie means that you are literally part of the school's walls; it's a bit like being part of its soul and its progress!

Frédérique CLAVEL - Class of 1981
Founding member of the EM Normandie Foundation
Founder and director - Fincoach

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Mina Colonna D'Istria

Mina Colonna D'Istria

EM Normandie Foundation Executive Officer