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EM Normandie Business School, ParalympicsGB, and the City of Clichy Unite in Preparation for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games

The formalization of the partnership agreement between EM Normandie, the City of Clichy, and ParalympicsGB, in anticipation of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, signifies the commencement of a highly auspicious collaboration. This partnership underscores a resolute dedication to championing inclusivity and fostering sporting excellence.


Reflecting on ParalympicsGB’s Outstanding Performance

ParalympicsGB etched their name in history at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, amassing an awe-inspiring collection of medals that saw them ascend the podium in more events than any other nation at a single competition. The British contingent clinched medals across 18 different disciplines, securing an impressive second place in the medal tally with a total of 124 medals, boasting 41 gold, 38 silver, and 45 bronze. This triumph in Tokyo follows equally remarkable showings at Rio 2016 and London 2012, where the team earned second and third place respectively in the medals table.

The synergy between Great Britain, the very birthplace of the Paralympic Movement in Stoke Mandeville in 1948, EM Normandie Business School, and Clichy presents an invaluable opportunity for the exchange of expertise and knowledge. Additionally, it offers ParalympicsGB a welcoming, family-oriented venue for their athletes and support staff.

EM Normandie Business School in Clichy: The New Hub for ParalympicsGB

As a testament to this inspiring partnership, the Maison ParalympicsGB Paris 2024 will be established at EM Normandie Business School in Clichy throughout the duration of the Paralympic Games. This iconic space will serve as a gathering point for the ParalympicsGB community, creating an atmosphere of celebration and support for British athletes.

Championing Inclusion and Accessibility

EM Normandie Business School, known for its academic excellence and its steadfast commitment as a “School for Good, School for Life, School for All,” is privileged to host ParalympicsGB, its partners, sponsors, athletes’ families, friends, and the vibrant events associated with the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, from August 28 to September 8, on its Paris-Clichy campuses. This partnership is a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges of disability and advocate for inclusion in all contexts. It will enable the school to advance its inclusion strategy by drawing on ParalympicsGB’s expertise and profound understanding of disability to enhance the accessibility of its campuses.

EM Normandie Business School also aims to reshape perceptions of disability. Through this partnership, the school will organize events to underscore the significance of inclusion on its campuses.

Furthermore, EM Normandie Business School is reaffirming its ties to the United Kingdom, where it has maintained a campus in Oxford since 2014. The knowledge and expertise contributed by the British delegation will be shared with EM Normandie Business School students and the residents of Clichy. This initiative is designed to deepen understanding of inclusion and ignite transformative change.

The official signing of this partnership presents a unique opportunity for communities to draw inspiration from world-class Paralympic athletes, learn from their extraordinary journeys, and champion sporting inclusion. Its stakeholders are united by a common objective: to foster participation in sports and establish Clichy as a model of accessibility and inclusion, mirroring the new Palais des Sports specially designed for adapted and disabled sports. In this collective endeavor, they are dedicated to leaving a lasting legacy beyond the conclusion of the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

With less than a year to go to the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, Clichy is more than ever in the starting-blocks! Town council departments, associations and clubs, businesses and citizens: the whole town is getting ready to take part in this great celebration of sport. The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games are an opportunity for our city to reveal, develop and perpetuate all its sporting potential. After being chosen by Team GB to host its high performance centre, Clichy also has the honour of welcoming, in partnership with EM Normandie Business School, the “Maison ParalympicsGB”.  More than just a welcome, this is a true partnership that will unfold. We are determined to use this event to raise the profile of adapted sport in Clichy, to change the way people look at disability and, in general, to continue our commitment to making Clichy a town that is accessible to all, in every way!
Rémi Muzeau, Mayor of Clichy and Vice-Chairman of the Hauts-de-Seine department

I’m really excited that ParalympicsGB has such an important base in Clichy, a place we’ve chosen as our ‘home’ during the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. We are delighted to establish this partnership with the town of Clichy and EM Normandie Business School, which will not only enable us to continue our ambitions of providing the very best departments and support to our athletes, their friends and families, and our many enthusiastic partners via ParalympicsGB House, but also to help and support this fantastic corner of Paris in achieving its ambitions for inclusivity and accessibility.
Dave Clarke, CEO ParalympicsGB

Hosting the ‘Maison ParalympicsGB’ is an opportunity for our 3,000 students in Clichy to open up to a world that many of them are unfamiliar with. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges associated with disability, to change the way people look at disability and to promote inclusion in all places and in all circumstances. Our mantra “School for Good, School for Life, School for All” takes on its full meaning with this partnership and perfectly illustrates our desire to make the Clichy campuses a model of accessibility and inclusion for all. We hope that this initiative will deepen understanding of inclusion and encourage everyone to go beyond their own limitations.
Jean-Louis Grégoire, President of EM Normandie Business School

A world-class higher education institution such as EM Normandie Business School has a duty to be open to society and to contribute to its development. Through the intellectual output of our researchers, we are helping to advance thinking, particularly in areas related to sustainability. Through the contribution of our students and their associations, we take action every day to make society a better place. Through the commitment of our campuses, we are helping to create a better world: one that is fairer, more inclusive and has a positive social and environmental impact. This three-way partnership between the City of Clichy, ParalympicsGB and EM Normandie Business School is another major step forward in this approach to inclusiveness and positive societal impact.
Lotfi Karoui, EM Normandie Business School Clichy-Paris Campus Director

Clichy: A Thriving Municipality

Clichy-la-Garenne, a municipality with a population of 64,000 situated to the northwest of Paris in the Hauts-de-Seine department, is a dynamic town that is unveiling its numerous virtues. Nestled at the heart of the metropolitan area and easily accessible from Paris, Clichy offers its residents, visitors, and workforce a welcoming and high-quality environment. Boasting a vibrant cultural scene, a thriving sports community, a strong economic landscape, and a tightly-knit sense of community, Clichy is dedicated to enhancing its infrastructure and amenities to empower all local initiatives. As an open and forward-looking town, Clichy is steadfast in its commitment to fostering inclusivity, promoting sports for all, and cultivating harmonious coexistence among its residents.

EM Normandie Business School: A Distinguished Institution

Founded in 1871 as one of France’s premier business schools, EM Normandie Business School has solidified its status as a benchmark institution in the global realm of business education. Accredited by EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA, it stands as a symbol of academic excellence. With a student body of 6,500 individuals pursuing degrees and professional development, along with a robust network of 26,000 EM Normandie Alumni Association members spanning the globe, the school operates across seven campuses in Caen, Le Havre, and Paris, as well as international locations in Oxford, Dublin, Dubai, and soon, Boston. EM Normandie Business School molds the leaders of tomorrow, nurturing responsible future executives equipped to lead change in a diverse and multicultural world. Furthermore, it provides unwavering support to employees and business leaders throughout their careers.

ParalympicsGB: Empowering Through Sport

ParalympicsGB represents the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Paralympic team, participating in both the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games. Recognizing the profound impact of our athletes’ exceptional performances on the British public, we are committed to reshaping societal perceptions of disability and inspiring a more inclusive world for individuals with disabilities. ParalympicsGB extends heartfelt gratitude to the National Lottery, UK Sport, and our esteemed partners including Gold adidas, Aldi, Allianz, bp, Bupa, CMR Surgical, Dreams, Hogan Lovells, John West, Nestlé Cereals UK, Ocean, Salesforce, and Toyota. We also extend our appreciation to Citi, Randox Health, and Sir Robert McAlpine for their unwavering support. For further information, please visit